One month foundation course in MBBS: MCI declares

  • 10Sep,2019

    Experience of Studying Abroad

    MCI (Medical Council of India) has launched a new compulsory one-month foundation course for all the MBBS students across the nation.

    It is very essential for all the medical students to secure certain soft skills such as communication, empathy and professionalism with increasing time and experience. The main motto of the implementation of the foundation course is to upgrade the medical curriculum, said VK Paul the chairman of MCI and the member of NITI Aayog.

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    Professionalism and Ethics part includes learning about disabilities rights, disabilities empathy while addressing patients with medical and social models of disabilities. Real qualities with accountability, integrity, empathy, humanity and compassion will be talking about.

    Now in this fast time, students migrate from one state to another state for consuming education. Local language adequacy is very important to deal with the local patient, as language varies from place to place. Local language training is also given to students for effective communication with local patients. A module on sports and extracurricular activities has been integrated with 4 and 2 hours per week respectively to make the students understand the work-life balance, addressed by VK Paul.

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    9:15 am – 5:00 pm

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