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Vocational Courses deal with the industry-friendly skills are provided to the candidates into the diverse of the fields and the aim at the preparing of them so for the dedicated career into the course of the program.  These are focused on the advancement of the career as they are direct to the industrial and the job perspective view. There are the vocational courses which confirm that the specific candidate possesses the essential skills required in the particular profession. 

There are also vocational courses which are much in the demand and are also more interested to learn the new skills, Besides not of the mainstreams programs, the enrolling for the vocational courses also bring the difference in today’s world.
Few of the popular vocational courses in India are :

Audio Technicians
One can opt for the certificate and the course over the audio engineering that imparts the knowledge on the technical side of the music and the broadcasting communications. These technicians are also in charge of the relevant equipment which records the music and the audio tracks. The job prospect is promising and many of the big and the small houses hire such skilled professionals.

Game Designer
The game designers also design for the video game and the needs which are to be technologically sound to be an as huge amount for the technicality is being involved into the designing in the every single video game and the definite of the computer software which are used to design the new age advanced video games for the nation.

Foreign Language Expert
With businesses witnessing a boom all over the world and the world becoming a global village fast, demands for the foreign language experts are seeing an all-time high. The primary job responsibility of the language expert is to communicate with foreign clients mostly about the company’s product range and the services.

Commercial Pilot Training
There also is an undergraduate course offering for the specialization in the aviation and the
Extensive experience in national and international pilot training. This course is also perfect for the launch pads of the commercial pilots.
The duration of this training is mostly as the 12-18 months and the eligibility is 10+2 or it's equivalent with a minimum of 50% marks of the Mathematics and Physics, the fitness certificate from the designated medical practitioner will be the necessary while for issues of CPL License, Class I Medical would be necessary. Pilot Training comprises of two parts, such a the Ground Training, and the Flying Training!  The Ground Training covers the theory subjects such as the Air Regulations, Aviation Meteorology, Air Navigation, Aircraft Technical Subjects and RTR(A).

Air Hostess Training
Air Hostess is also here trained. In India, the number of private institutions also here provide the degree, diploma and the Certificate in the Air Hostess training programs. Duration of these courses varies on the nature of the program. However, in the course of the time of the Air Hostess training lasts between one to two years. This is also highly the coveted job and also the aviation courses, which have a great number of the takers.

Event Management Courses
Another of the job oriented course is the certificate and the degree or the diploma into the event management courses. The duration of these relevant programs varies between the one to the three years of depending upon the nature of the relevant course.

Diploma in Hospitality
The hospital is also the sector in the fast-growing one in India and of the job opportunities are also here the enormous. The degree, diploma or the certificates here for the relevant programs in the Hospitality Management are in much of the demand. Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) is the four years programs which are known for the best in one among all the Hospitality courses in the country.

The study of the law is increasingly becoming the career choice for millennials. Earlier the students here were also offered courses in the civil, criminal, corporate, the taxation, labor and the election law. Today the repertoire has also included the new specializations including space, the cyber, the intellectual property, and of the international laws. 
Students can also here choose between the three-year of the LLB degree after the graduation to any of the discipline or any of the five-year integrated BA LLB programs after the plus two.  Those seeking admission to the law programs have to write to the test. With the rising of the demands which are emerging with the fast of the changing world, law school of India. Also to the addition of the new courses, the institutes have also here started to focus on the schooling law students through the moot court sessions, the competitive legal events and the journal writing with the relevant mandatory internships.

Animation, Graphics, and Multimedia
The course study over the Animation and Multimedia can be of a great opportunity, where the creative bent of mind is the prerequisite for the relevant course. There is a number of the institutions in the country who offer the 1-2 years of the diploma courses, whereas, the B.Sc courses are of the three-year duration, who also offer the numerous institutes. The BA Animation and the Multimedia course here is also available and the science students are also here eligible to enroll and go for it.

Fashion Designing
Bachelor of Design in Fashion Designing is a very prestigious four-year program offered by the NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology). The course is very popular among the students who are interested in the designing of the clothes and the apparels. The future career prospects are also here extremely good a the fashion and the industry is now seeing as a boom. The career scope which includes here are the designers, the freelance design consultants, the costume designers, the illustrators, etc. The graduates can also get here hired by the multinational companies and the companies in the clothing line and the designer wear for space. 

Journalism and Mass Communication 
The candidates looking forward to joining the media sector can also go for the Journalism and the Mass Communication diploma program. The program here includes the curricula on the news reporting and the presenting. The anchoring, writing articles, the photography and of the video shooting. There are ample in both of the print and the Digital media houses.

Web Development and Designing
Private Institutes offer the diploma and also the certificates courses in web development and designing. The duration of these courses varies over the nature of the relevant program and can last from six months to two years. The sector is seeing unprecedented growth and MNCs, as well as the small companies, are hiring the new developers, and also the freelancing or the launching one’s own web designing fir is also a great idea.

Professional photographers are also here in great demand. The course in the photography would make one understand over the situations into a different perspective by the efficiently implementing the lighting techniques and the positioning of the subjects thus giving the specific 
 Direction to th lucrative career. The career options of this course field lie in the field of the photojournalism, the Fashion and Advertising, Nature and the Wildlife, Travel or the Event Photography.    One can also launch to the career as the assistant photographer or also head for the website design agencies or van starts working as the freelancer.  Photojournalism is known to be the exciting field which requires the clicking of the newsworthy images.

Beautician Course
The course skin care and beauty are very much into the demand in the sector of the fastest growing ones in the world.  With the more and the more of the people getting to be aware of the looks, the demand for the beauticians and the stylists is seeing a rise. One can also go for the specifications in the cosmetology, the hair styling, aesthetics, manicure, pedicure or the electrolysis. Once this is completed the trained professional can also opt the parlor and also get hired at the beauty and the skin-care company.

Catering Management
The catering or the business of providing food service outdoor is also seeing to the tremendous growth. Also with the innumerable features the ceremonies all the year round, more and more of the catering services are also sought after the women do not want to spend their entire time preparing for the foods for the guests. Even the corporate world hires in the catering services for their formal events, the seminars, conferences, etc. Anyone being passionate about food and drink can also look in to for the course I the catering management to eventually work as the Waiting/Bar staff, Kitchen Porter, Food Processing Worker, the Bar Tender, etc.

Electrical Technician
An electrical technician makes, maintains and also repairs to the electrical connections and the fittings, the install and the maintenance of the wiring, the control over the lighting systems at homes, the offices or the factories. With the dependence over the electrical products, the increase over the technicians is much in the demand for the purpose of the servicing and the maintenance. The job responsibilities here are the repairing, the upgradation of the electronics equipment and the systems.

The animation is the method of creating the illusion of the motion by the rapid demonstration of the series of static images which are different from each other. Those of the captivated by the Naria, Avatar, Ice Age, Wall-E, etc also have the zeal for the imaginations for the good drawings or the sketching can also think for the joining the course in the of the industry has the boundless scope. Also, the experts predict that in the next few years India would also employee thousands of the 2D and the 3D animators.

There are several ways to choose for the best career and work over the pursuit. There are also options for the career options and these courses fill the bridge gap between the candidate and the dreams.

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No one likes being dominated when it comes to doing a particular piece of work his own way... Startups, break the monotony of a typical work sector, providing much ease and comfort to its employees... A startup company, though, cannot be explained in much detail as each startup company works in a different undoubtedly a great career option to opt for as it has not many competitors in the market...The best part of any startup company is that it keeps evolving with the changing time...

 It's a whole new sensation to the young generation, cause people crave for such an ambience at the workplace. But as we all know,  " All that glitters is not gold"... similarly, everything might not be as cool and happening as it appears to be... Hence a good amount of research needs to be done about the startup company so that the roller coaster of your life only finds its way up with time and not vice-versa. So the 5 cautions or the calculative steps one needs to pre-assume before joining a startup are:

USP/Value Proportions

A good, detailed study of the product and service offerings and its Unique Selling Proportion (USP) needs to be done before thinking of joining the startup. The particular firm must be innovative and provide benefits both technologically and economically to its consumers and win the confidence of their targeted consumers.

Employer expectations

It’s important to know your job description, key result areas (KRAs) and the role in an organisation before joining it. However, because start-ups tend to be short on human resources and other resources also, especially during the initial stage. Efficient utilization of each resource often entails a varied set of responsibilities. As roles are flexible and likely to change rapidly, those who dislike ambiguity should stay away from start-ups. Even if one is willing to go beyond the stated KRAs and take additional responsibilities it would be better to know about their expectation from the leaders about the employee role and job profile.

Compensation Risk

A startup company will always be prone to many risks, as there is no certainty of market growth and competition may creep in any time... hence one should prepare himself both mentally and financially before entering the firm to face the harsh consequences if need be.. also since it is a startup, one may have to go on working without pay for several months as the company may take some time to establish itself in the market.

Start-ups offer various perks and compensation benefits to their employees. Perks such as employee stock options (ESOPs) are often used to attract talent. ESOPs pay off once the Start-up establishes its credentials and draws in investors. However, there’s always the risk of losing out if the start-up does not succeed.

Very few start-ups reach a stage where the shares can be sold at a good price so it shouldn’t be the only reason to join a company. One needs to carefully consider the compensation package being offered, and if one is not satisfied with it, then he/she must negotiate a change in its structure—opt for fixed pay, instead of ESOPs.

Start-up exits

High attrition i.e. investors backing out from the Start-up, is never a good sign in any company. Particularly so in a start-up, where people join with the expectation of growing with the company. There are several cases where even the founder left start-up which is a very bad news for prospective employees. Before joining a start-up, the aspiring employee  must find out about exits from the company, especially that of board members and top management and middle management layoffs in the past 1-2 years.

Company culture:

The initial members or founders of the company set up the work culture or the company culture inside the office. Therefore before joining the company one should have a sound knowledge about the company culture on how they work, how they behave with each other. The work culture of a big company always differs from that of a small company like Start-ups, where employees are relatively more friendly as compared to big companies. 

Societal/Political and Economic Impact:

According to the consumer psychology, people tend to remember or prefer those ideas which have left a powerful influence on their mind. The firms which are able to leave a greater impact tend to get major boost ups from the government or policymakers.

Promoter Credentials, Track Record, Investors and Management Team

The fundraising strategies and the background of the investors need to be known well as it may have an impact on the preferability of the agenda in the longer run. A variety of experience and expertise might be brought by the investors when they are global. A careful evaluation should be done of the track record and credentials of the promoter and the management team. This is one of the most important parameters that should be considered while making a decision whether to join the particular firm or not.

Market Growth Rate of the Product/Service and its Potential too grow:

One always makes it a point to get into an organization which has some minimal reputation or social standing in the market or has the probability to establish itself soon. Scalability of the product or service is critical to take a decision whether the firm can sustain the short term and long term headwinds in the industry or market. One need to evaluate whether the offering is a copycat or new innovation which is first of its kind in the market, as it means a lot if the organisation is a leader or follower in the industry.


Working for any Start- up can be both beneficial and risky as the future of any start-up always remains ambiguous. The better the investors and management the longer will be the survival of the company in the market. Moreover the start can teach some life changing qualities which can be handy in the near future. 

Therefore careful selection of start-up and proper research should be done regarding the company as there always remains a uncertainty to its survival.

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AEEE 2019 is an entrance test conducted by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University. This year AEEE 2019 will be conducted from April 22nd-26, 2019. This entrance allows the students to apply for the 4-year long B. Tech course in the university. The entrance exam is conducted in two methods. One is the Computer-based test (CBT) mode and the other one is Pen & Paper (P&P) mode. However, it's up to the candidates to choose one of them. In this academic session (2019-20), the university will also applications through JEE Main entrance exam. Those who will apply through JEE Main also has to finish the AEEE 2019 application procedure. Although these students will not have to appear in the AEEE exam.

So it's pretty high time that you should start your preparation for AEEE 2019 and few days are left for the exam you must we well versed with the syllabus hence be aware of your subjects, have deep knowledge of them. Knowing the subjects and the matter inside them will help you arrange the subject matter properly. Hence, you can segregate which subject to focus more upon and which not. By this time you must have segregated in which field you are strong and in which weak. Hence, now you have to divide your time in between the stronger sections and the weaker sections.

Does engineering study fulfil your sky-high dreams??

Be confidential with the upcoming questions in the question paper, practice the last year questions every day. Solve previous years question papers and mock tests along with that which you can easily get on the internet. These mock tests will help you with acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses. Also, you will get an idea about how much time you take for each section. So you can work out upon those where you went wrong last time.

Trending engineering branches which are highest paid

Make a strict time table of about 20/25 days which you need to follow anyhow through thick and thin. Plan the subject line and execute it accordingly. Only planning won't help the cause until you do not practice. Make sure that you prepare such a timetable that would help you to cover each and every topic of the syllabus. Do not waste time on the subjects which you have a clear idea about.

Top 5 engineering entrance exams of 2019 the students to look for

Be careful about your health. Eat Healthily, have a proper diet and most importantly take proper sleep and stay hydrated. Do not get restless. The exam is necessary but your health is much more important than the exam. Hence it is the utmost requirement that you look after your health and appear your exam healthily. Have a healthy preparation. Make sure that you do not let your health effect because of strict practice.

Moulding the future of engineering With 7 new trends

Don’t be nervous Taking too much stress will put an ill effect on your health. taking care of your mental health is the biggest requirement we understand its quite hard to manage your anxiety in these few last days of preparation, so make your mind cool. Do not get tensed and hence bring depression for yourself. Do revise once a day before going to the examination hall. have faith upon yourself and do well.

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JEE Main Cut off

NTA has declared JEE Main Cut off 2019 along with the result and rank after the conclusion of the exam. National Testing Agency (NTA) is the main conducting body of the JEE Main 2019 examination. The exam will be conducted for those candidates who are seeking admission to the leading engineering institutions of India. 

The national level exam has been conducted in January and April, that is twice a year in online mode. Candidates have appeared in either of the two or both. On the basis of JEE Main Cut off marks, candidates will get admission in various government and private institutions and colleges of the country to B.Tech and B.Arch courses. The JEE Main 2019 cutoff has been published category-wise and candidates can check JEE Main Cut off by logging on to the result portal online.

What’s JEE Main qualifying Cut off 2019?
This is the minimum mark which has to be secured by the candidate to be eligible to appear in JEE Advanced.

Note: Eligibility for JEE Mains 2019? You can apply for JEE Main 2019 exam if you have minimum 50% marks in PCM.

JEE Main 2019 Highlights:
Types of JEE Main Cut Off 2019
Admission Cut Off  2019:
  • This is published by JoSSA for the new academic session.
  • Published on
  • Aim: Least mark to be secured for the admission to the participating institute
Qualifying Cut Off:
  • It’s published by NTA for the new academic session.
  • Published on RESULT PORTAL
  • Aim: Screening of candidates for JEE Advanced i.e. those candidates have scored the qualifying marks can be eligible for JEE Advanced
JEE Main Eligibility: Age, FAQs, Subject, Qualification
JEE Main 2019 Qualifying Cut Off:
Cut Off
Factors to be considered for JEE Main 2019 Cut Off:
  • The Cut off list will be prepared considering the factors such as difficulty level, number of candidates and category of the candidates.
  • Total available seats
  • Total applications received for the program to which candidate seeking admission
  • The overall performance level of the candidates
  • Number of questions asked in the examination

JEE Main 2019 Exam Centres: State-wise List Announced

JEE Main 2018 Qualifying Cut Off:
Check out the qualifying cut off mark released by the NTA for the 2018 session here.

Max Marks
Min Marks

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The IIM –CAP 2019 (common admission Process) is to get admission in to 10 new and baby IIMs. There are 6 new IIMs that are-

 And there are 4 baby IIMs that are-