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Preparing for KIITEE 2019 will be more or less the same as preparing for any other engineering entrance examination of the nation. The Exam is conducted by KIIT university.The preparation must start early and with a proper schedule. It is important that you know the syllabus for KIITEE 2019 and also the exam pattern so that you can create a strategy for the preparation. As the number of days for the KIITEE entrance exam namely JEE Main 2018 come closer, the preparation levels equally shoot high. The question paper basically believed to consist of very direct and straight forward questions are asked in the examination. You need to have a clear concept and a thorough fundamental knowledge. students who are going to appear in the exam must be going through a swing of feelings – anxiety, nervousness, tension, excitement but amidst all these, it is required for you to stay calm and give your best during the exam.

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  1. Keep yourself is away from Negativity: Since it is the time for sheer hard work hence it is quite natural that you would be flooded with pressure hence, be aware of the negative thoughts surrounding your mind. If you are confident about 25 out of the 30 chapters in any subject, then do not worry about those 5 chapters which you are not sure of, in the last few days of preparation the exam.
  2. Stay away from unnecessary discussions: As we know its a fact that we should stay away from unnecessary discussion and negativity in life. The interaction which is not important before the exam often leads to unnecessary thoughts and view and automatically creates negativity. Hence mingle less with people or your friends and candidates before the exam as this may lead to a conflict of ideas or opinions which might bring negativity in your mind and let your morale down. Also, your confidence level will be affected by these kinds of environment. Hence stay away from any kind of discussions which would affect your mental health.
  3. Keep management of time as the center of attention: Dig out previous years’ question papers. practice all of them for better knowledge of the examination. Have a good knowledge about the syllabus and divide the time as well as the subjects properly and accordingly. You will get to know the trend of the questions and the pattern. Plan a proper timetable and execute it. the masterstroke to this preparation will be practicing the previous year question paper which will give you deeper knowledge about the question paper in details. 
  4. Do not shuffle yourTopics: When you are preparing for the exam, always make it sure that you complete one topic fully then move on to the other one. Do not Juggle and create mess between 2-3 topics at the same time will lead to unwanted confusion. Complete one topic and then move on to the other one. This habit will keep you well informed and well prepared on each topic.
  5. ReviseProperly: At this high time revise only the important and essential topics. Complete the revision process precisely. Do not waste time on revising the topics which are not much important or you have a clear idea about them. Doing so will eventually waste your time which you cannot afford right now.
  6. Have a good diet and Sound Sleep: Have a good amount of nutritious and vitamin foods. Stay away from junk foods or fast foods as a healthy diet is the biggest requirement now. You do not want your health to get affected in between your preparation. Also, make sure that you get sound sleep. Nothing works out when your mind is tired. Make a routine of sleeping for 6-7 hours daily. Sleep and eat at the same time to make your body aware of the timing. 

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NTA JEE Main 2019 FAQs

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The ICFAI tech School Admission Test (ITSAT) 2019  which is the All India Admission Test is conducted by the ICFAI Foundation for the Higher Education (IFHE) Hyderabad, for the respective admission into the B.Tech Program. ICFAI  Tech campuses of locations at Hyderabad, Dehradun, Jaipur, Jharkhand, and Raipur.
The exams are conducted through online and offline medium There are two sections as accordingly to the syllabus, which are : 
  • Section A, based over the theory part which has 80% of weightage. 
  • Section B, based over the practical implementation which has a weight of 20%.

The tips and tricks for the preparation of ITSAT candidates must focus and plan with the syllabus for the entrance and need to prepare a way so as to clear the cutoff of the entrance examination.

 The syllabus of ITSAT is like other engineering examination like JEE Main 2019, but on comparison with the level of difficulty with that of  JEE is not the same. Candidates must understand the pattern and it is hoped that the candidate stays clear with his preparation and strategy.
Stay Confident And Calm With Basics
This would seem to be the most clinging tip for every entrance, but the right key to the entrance. Candidates fail to catch or understand the basics, skipping to the topics. The basics must not be ignored. Covering the section for the basics initially helps to grab the marks easily within a minimal timer and help for the new type of questions ahead.

Note The Important Concepts
The true face of every entrance is, the syllabus is huge. Everyone knows about the syllabus and it is advised to make notes of the respective study sources for the relevant topics. The precise notes to every topic covering the syllabus with important concepts will help to revise daily. With the course of time, the same topic would be covered 4-5 times by the candidate itself.

Practice With Timer
Practicing with the timer will take the preparation one step closer to your desired choices. The examination is conducted with fixed timings and this given time frame will decide for the candidates. It is the significant factor in the examinations, to see how many questions are done within the given time. To catch the speed, practicing with a timer, the ticking of the clock can boost your speed, bring accuracy and analyze your performance to the preparations.

Use English To The Edge
English section of ITSAT 2019 carries the same weightage as compared to the other sections like PCM(Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics). And this is the clear signal those who are good in English score a better and so many fail to consider this as a subject. The main focus lies in the area where the student can put a little extra effort to prepare for the subject and rise with a good score from the section. The pinch of hard work and dedication every day and help to crack this section too.

Stay True to your Schedule
Candidates must follow to the respective plans and must be consistent with the schedules. The candidate truly wishes to crack and aims to score better the entrance, consistency and self-confidence are the keys to the crack the ITSAT 2019, the online as well the offline modes.
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