COMEDK UGET 2020 Exam – Dates, Eligibility, Application Form

COMEDK UGET 2020 exam will be organized to provide admission into engineering courses. This exam will be managed by the COMEDK (Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka). It is a state-level entrance test. The authority will also organize admission procedure for architecture course on the basis of NATA score. 

Quick Facts of COMEDK UGET 2020:

Exam Name
Consortium of Medical Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka Under Graduate Entrance Test
Commonly Known As
Conducting Institute
Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka (COMEDK)
Type of Examination
State Level
Category of Examination
Undergraduate Examination
Mode of Application
Mode of Examination
Computer Based Test
Available Seats
20,000 (Approximately)
Number of Applicants
Around 72,152

COMEDK UGET 2020 Schedule:

Tentative Dates
Online Application Issue
3rd week of January 2020
Mock Test Available
1st week of February 2020
Last date for form filling
3 rd week April 2020
Admit Card Release
1st week of  May , 2020
2nd week May  2020
Provisional Answer Keys Publish
3rd week of May , 2020
Last date to challenges the Provisional Answer Keys
3rd week of May 2020
Final Answer keys Release
4th week of May, 2020
Result/Score Cards Declare
3rd week of May 2020
Counselling Starts
June 2020

COMEDK UGET 2020 Admit Card:

The candidates can get their admit cards online from the official website of COMEDK UGET. Note that, the admit card will be available in online mode only. Candidates will not be allowed to appear in the exam without the admit card.

How To Download COMEDK UGET 2020 Admit Card Online?

1. Go to the official website of COMEDK UGET 2020 Admit Card link.

2. Log in to the website using the login credentials provided at the time of registration.

3. The admit card will be shown on the screen. Check the details given on the admit card.

4.Download the admit card and take a print out for future use.

COMEDK UGET 2020 Syllabus:

Before start applying for the entrance test, students are advised to get through the syllabus set by the exam conducting authorities first. The syllabus for COMEDK UGET 2020 will be set according to the subjects from 10+2/12th STD / 2nd PUC (Science Stream). The students can expect from Physics, Electricity and Magnetism, Thermal and Chemical effects of Current, Hooke’s Law and Force, Sound and Mechanics Waves, Modern Physics & Thermal Physics. For Chemistry the syllabus has Thermodynamics, Atomic Structure & Chemical Bonding, Metal and Metallurgy, Classification of elements & periodicity in properties etc.

Syllabus for MATHEMATICS:

Differential Calculus

Polynomials, Rational, Trigonometric, Logarithmic and Exponential Functions
Inverse Functions
Graphs of Simple Functions
Continuity: Differentiation of the Sum, Difference, Product and Quotient of Two Functions
Differentiation of Trigonometric, Inverse Trigonometric, Logarithmic, Exponential, Composite and Implicit Functions, Derivatives of Order up to Two.
Applications of Derivatives: Rate of Change of Quantities, Monotonic Increasing and Decreasing Functions, Maxims and Minimum Functions of One Variable, Tangents and Normals, Rolle’s and Lagrange’s Mean Value Theorems.


Standard Form of Equation of a Circle
General Form of Equation of a Circle, its radius and centre
Equation of a Circle when the End Points of a Diameter are Given.
Points of Intersection of a Line and a Circle with the Centre at the Origin and Conditions for a Line to be Tangent to the Circle
Equation of the Tangent
Equation of a Family of Circles through the Intersection of Two Circles
Condition for Two Intersecting Circles to be Orthogonal.

Matrices and Determinants
Determinants and Matrices of Order Two and Three
Properties of Determinants
Evaluation of Determinants
Area of Triangles Using Determinants
Addition and Multiplication of Matrices
Adjoint and Inverse of Matrix
Test of Consistency and Solution of Similar Linear Equations using Determinants and Matrices.

Vector Algebra
Vectors and Scalars
Addition of Vectors
Components of a Vector in Two Dimensions and Three Dimensional Space
Scalar and Vector Products
Scalar and Vector Triple Product
Application of Vectors to Plane Geometry

Differential Equations
Differential Equations, Ordinary Differential Equation – Their Order and Degree
Formation of Differential Equations
Solution of Differential Equations by the Method of Separation of Variables
Solution of Homogeneous and Linear Differential Equations and those of type d2y = f(x) dx2.

Three Dimensional Geometry

Coordinates of a Point in Space
Distance Between Two Points
Section Formula
Direction Ratios and Direction Cosines
Angle between Two Intersecting Lines
Skew Lines – The Shortest Distance between them and its Equation.
Equations of a Line and a Plane in Different Forms: Intersection of a Line and a Plane, Coplanar Lines, Equation of a Sphere, Its Centre and Radius.
Diameter form of the Equation of a Sphere.


Probability of an Event
Addition and Multiplication Theorems of Probability and their Application
Conditional Probability: Bayes Theorem
Probability Distribution of a Random Variate
Binomial and Poisson Distributions and their Properties.

Syllabus for PHYSICS:

Thermal and Chemical Effects of Currents
Electric Power
Simple Concept of Thermo-Electricity
Seebeck Effect and Thermocouple
Chemical Effect of Current Faraday’s Laws of Electrolysis
Relationship between Cp and Cv for Gases
First Law of Thermodynamics
Thermodynamic Processes
Second Law of Thermodynamics
Carnot Cycle Efficiency of Heat Engines
Thermal Expansion of Solids
Heating Effects of Current
Simple Concept of Thermo-Electricity
Seebeck Effect and Thermocouple
Chemical Effect of Current Faraday’s Laws of Electrolysis

Motion in Two and Three Dimensions
Scalars and Vectors
Vector Addition
Real Number
Zero Vector and its Properties
Resolution of Vectors
Scalar and Vector Products
Uniform Circular Motion and its Applications
Projection Motion

Coulomb's Law
Dielectric Constant
Electric Field
Lines of Force
Field due to Dipole and its behaviour in a uniform electric field.
Electric Flux
Gauss’s Theorem and its applications
Electric Potential, Potential due to a Point Charge.
Conductors and Inductors
Distribution of Charge on Conductors
Parallel Plate Capacitor
Combination of Capacitors
Energy of Capacitor

Motion in One Dimension
Description of Motion in One Dimension Motion in a Straight Line
Uniform and Non-Uniform Motion – Graphical Representation
Uniformly Accelerated Motion and its application.
Heating Effects of Current
Heat and Thermodynamics

Liquids and Gases and their Specific Heats
Electric Charge – it's unit and conservation

Syllabus for Chemistry:

Nuclear Chemistry
Nature of Radiation from Radioactive Substances
Nuclear Reactions: Radioactive Disintegration Series
Artificial Transmutation of Elements
Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion
Isotopes and their Applications
Radio Carbon Dating

Chemical Reactions and Chemical Kinetics
Rate of Reaction
Instantaneous Rate of Reaction and Order of Reaction
Factors Affecting Rates of Reactions – Factors Affecting Rate of Collisions Encountered Between the Reactant Molecules, Effect of Temperature on the Reaction Rate, Concept of Activation Energy Catalyst.
Effect of Light of Rates of Reactions.
Elementary Reactions as Steps to more Complex Reactions.
How Fast are Chemical Reactions?
Rate Law Expression
Order of a Reaction
Units of Rates and Specific Rate Constant
Order of Reaction and Effect of Concentration
Temperature Dependence of Rate Constant
Fast Reactions
Mechanism of Reaction
Photochemical Reactions

Cell and Energy Cycle Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates, Mono-saccharides, Saccharides, Poly-saccharides, Amino Acid
Peptides – Structure and Classification
Proteins and Enzymes – Structure of Proteins, Role of Enzymes.

Coordination Chemistry
Coordination Compounds
Nomenclature: Isomerism in Coordination Compounds, Bonding in Coordination Compounds, Werner’s Coordination Theory
Applications of Coordination Compound

Chemistry in Action
Chemical in Medicines (antipyretic, analgesic, antibiotics & tranquillizers)
Rocket Propellants (Structural Formulae Non - Evaluative)

Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Pollutants: Soil, Air and Water
Major Atmospheric Pollutants: Acid Rain, Ozone and its Reactions causing Ozone Layer Depletion, Effects of the Depletion of Ozone Layer, Industrial Air Pollution.

Previous Year Questions:




COMEDK UGET 2020 Exam Pattern:

Exam Language: English

Type Of Marking in Exam: For right answer 1 mark and no deduction for the wrong answer. In case of a tie, the method for negative response will be taken into consideration.

Total Marks: 180

Mark Distribution among Physics, Chemistry, Biology

COMEDK UGET 2020 Cut off:

The cut off is the minimum mark a candidate will require to qualify in the entrance exam. In the case of COMEDK UGET 2020, the cut-offs will vary as per the colleges. The Cut-off will be declared as opening rank and closing rank. The cut off for COMEDK 2020 will be decided by the organizing authority.

There are many factors affecting the decision of cutoff are as follows:

1. Number of students appearing the test.

2. Average score of Students.

3. Number of seats available.

However there are two rounds of cut-offs 

1. Round One 

2.Round Two

However, there are also cut off marks for category-wise.

Qualifying Marks
Scheduled Caste (SC)
Scheduled Tribe (ST)
Other Backward Classes (OBC)


List of Round 1 

List of Round 2 for General 

List of Round 2 for Minority

Extended list of Round 2 

Top Colleges Accepting Cutoff Rank 

COMEDK UGET 2020 Application Form:

The Application form for COMEDK UGET 2020 has been released on 3rd week of January 2020. Candidates who have passed the 10+2 or equivalent exams can apply for the exam.

Steps for filling up application form:

Students must fill the application form of COMEDK UGET 2020 within specified due dates. Complete step by step procedure to fill COMEDK UGET application form 2020 is described below

Step 1- Registration : Students have to register first by entering their name, mobile phone number, email address and date of birth. Students are advised to provide their current and working mobile number and email address as all future communication regarding COMEDK UGET application form 2020 will be made through these.

Students will also be required to create a password at this stage. This password will be used for all future login related to application form of COMEDK UGET 2020, admit card, result etc. After entering all the details, students have to click on submit button to complete the registration process. Students will receive an email and message regarding their application number.

Step 2- Filling Application Form : Students have to login using their application number and password to fill the COMEDK UGET 2020 application form. All the details must be filled with utmost care as wrong or incorrect information could lead to cancellation of the application. Candidates will be required to enter the following details in application form

Father’s/ Guardian's Full Name

Mother’s Full Name

Date of Birth



Candidate’s Unique Photo ID Proof Number

Parent’s/Guardian's Unique ID Proof Number

Parent’s/Guardian's Annual Income

Parent’s/Guardian's Mobile Number

Address for communication

Step 3- Uploading Images : Students have to upload scanned images of their recent passport size coloured photograph and signature. The scanned images should be exactly as per the specification and format.

Step 4- Payment of Application Fees : Students will have to pay the fee for COMEDK UGET application form 2020. The fees has to be paid in online mode as per the below mentioned structure.

Application Fee

Program applied for Amount
1500 + 18% GST + Convenience Charges
2400+18% GST + Convenience Charges 

Step 5- Submission of Application Form : Candidates will have to submit the application form after payment of application fees.. Students are advised to recheck all the information submitted by them before finally submitting the COMEDK UGET application form 2020. After verification of all information, click on “Submit” button to finally submit the application form.

Students are not required to send the copy of application form to UGET office but they must retain it till the complete admission process.

Documents required while filling up application form:

Applicants have to upload scanned images of photographs and signature while filling the application form of COMEDK UGET 2020. Students are thus advised to keep the below mentioned documents with them in scanned images before filling the application form:

1. Photograph of candidate

2. Signature of candidate

3. Signature of father/guardian

Specification of Scanned Images for COMEDK UGET Application Form 2020


Dimensions – 30mm x 45mm

File Size – 80 KB

Format - JPEG

Signature of Candidate

The signature of the candidate’s should be in black pen on a white paper.

Dimensions – 80mm x 35mm

File Size – 80 KB

Format – JPG or JPEG

Signature of Father/Guardian

The signature should be done in Black pen and on White paper

Dimensions – 80mm x 35mm

File Size – 80 KB

Format – JPG or JPEG

To give the Mock Test for COMEDK UGET Click Here

COMEDK UGET 2020 Counseling:

COMEDK UGET counseling will start from the 1st week of July 2020. The whole counseling session will be conducted in two rounds. However, the final admission will be based on the mark secured in the exam. All the details related to counseling will be declared within the prescribed time period.

Steps 1 - Reporting to the venue

Candidates will have to report to the notified venue of COMEDK counselling . During reporting, they will have to carry the required documents.

Candidates will have to attend COMEDK UGET  counselling according to the sessions allotted for a specific rank along with one Parent/ Guardian.

Candidates will have to visit the check-in counter at the institute as per the Rank numbers/ session being announced and produce documents as requested to enter the counselling venue

After the check-in process is completed, candidates will have to proceed to the verification section.

Step 2- Verification of Documents

For this, candidates will have to fill COMEDK UGET counselling  verification cards (available at verification section) and arrange the documents according to the order mentioned in documents.

Following it, candidates will have to visit the verification counter where the officer will verify all the original documents and DD and retain the photocopies of all documents verified.

List of documents candidates need to carry:

1. COMEDK Online Application Form

2. Rank Card of COMEDK

3. COMEDK TAT with signature of Invigilator

4. COMEDK Verification Entry Card

5. Fee Payment Receipt

6. Original ID proof

7. Parents/ Guardian’s Original ID proof

8. Date of Birth proof of candidate (SSLC Certificate/Government document)

9. PUC/ 12th Std or equivalent marks card

10. Category certificate (if Applicable)

11. Parents study proof in Karnataka for 7 years

12. Candidates study proof in Karnataka for 7 years including 10th or 12th in Karnataka

13. Tulu Minority Certificate – Issued by Principal of school/school record showing “mother tongue” (If applicable)

14. Religious minority certificate Christian - Issued by Principal of school/school record showing “Religion” (If applicable)

15. HKR Eligibility Certificate (If applicable)

16. Karnataka domicile certificate (Issued by Revenue authority, not below the rank of Tahsildar) (If applicable)

Step 3 - Biometric, Photo Verification and Registration

After the completion of document verification, candidates will have to complete their biometric and photo verification process. Once this is done, candidates will have to collect the registration slip and proceed to the counselling hall along with the registration slip.

Step 4 - COMEDK UGET Seat Allotment

For seat allotment, candidates will have to fill the demand draft details and three choices of courses and colleges in the order of their preference.

Candidates' ranks will be announced. After which, they will have to go to the selection counter and select the seat as per the availability.

They will have to collect the acknowledgement of seat selected

Note: Candidates must note that exercising the option involves selection of a seat in the order of merit subject to the availability of seat and the college.

Step 5 - Seat Acknowledgment and Deposit of Academic fees

Candidates will have to collect the seat allotment letter and proceed to DD deposit counter

They will have to submit their DD along with seat acknowledgement letter at the DD Counter. Candidates will have to deposit a sum of Rs 55,000 at the time of seat allotment and remaining tuition fee at the college level when they get admitted. The Demand Draft has to be drawn only on the approved Banks in favor of COMEDK and indicating the Test Admission Ticket Number (TAT Number) thereon, payable at Bangalore.

Step 6 - Allotment Letter Collection

In this step, candidates will have to collect their original allotment letter and fee payment receipt. They need to check all the details and report to college as per dates mentioned in the original allotment letter.

Salient features of COMEDK First Round of Counselling

1. Candidates will have to be physically present for the counselling

2. Candidates will be allowed to participate in COMEDK UGET counselling within time notified time and as per the stipulated rank ranges only.

3. Candidates will have to get their original documents verified and register. No candidate will be allowed to participate in COMEDK UGET counselling without registration.

4 Upon verification of documents, a merit list will be generated for each session. The candidate who has a higher rank will get the opportunity to select a seat.

5. A screen will show course-wise and college-wise availability of seats.

6. Once a seat is selected, it cannot be changed subsequently.

7. The entire seat selection process will be computerized from stage registration till printing of the seat allotment letter.

8. If the allotment letter issued to the candidate tampers, the authorities will have the right to cancel such allotment and candidate will forfeit the entire fees paid.

9. In case, the original allotment letter is lost, candidates will lose the selected seat as well.

10. Salient features of COMEDK Second Round of Counselling

11. All the unfilled, surrendered, forfeited, cancelled and newly added seats, if any, will be made available in round 2 of COMEDK UGET  counselling.

12. Candidates who will select a seat during the first round will be eligible to participate in the second round.

13. Candidates who will not select any seat can also participate in round 2

14. The schedule for round 2 counselling has also been notified.

15. After round 2 counselling, the list of selected candidates will be sent to all the regulating agencies of the Government and the Colleges concerned.

COMEDK UGET 2020 Result:

The result of COMEDK UGET 2020  will be released on 3rd week of May 2020. The candidates can access the result after the announcement in online mode. Following the result declaration, the merit list will be announced. The result will show the details of the candidate along with the result and the rank.

Steps to Check Results:

The authorities have released the result in online mode. Candidates can refer to the steps given below to check the result of COMEDK UGET :

1. Go to the official website of COMEDK UGET (

2. Click on Candidate Portal

3. The candidates will have to provide their Application Seq No/User ID and password.

4. Click on "Login"

5. The result will be displayed on the screen for the candidates.

6. The candidates will have to download and take the print out of the COMEDK UGET result and rank card for future use.

Details mentioned on the COMEDK UGET Result
The following details will be mentioned on the result of COMEDK UGET :
1. Name of the candidate
2. Registration/ Application Number of the candidate
3. Candidate’s photo
4. COMEDK UGET Test Admission Ticket number (TAT number)
5. Candidate’s contact details
6. Date of Birth and Category
7. Stream chosen and appeared for
8. Unique photo ID proof details of candidate
9. Test Score and Rank in COMEDK UGET 

Key Points related to COMEDK UGET  Result
1. The result of COMEDK UGET has been declared online
2. The result will have the rank secured and the scores obtained by the candidate along with the personal details mentioned on it.
3. Candidates are required to download the rank card and take the print out which has to be carried to the counselling centre. Without the rank card, their candidature for admissions will not be considered.
4. Candidates will be offered admissions to the various B.Tech courses on the basis of the rank obtained by the candidates which will be mentioned on the COMEDK UGET result.
5. Candidates are advised to preserve the scorecard until the completion of the admission process.

COMEDK UGET  Inter Se Merit 

If two or more candidates score the same marks in COMEDK UGET , the following order was followed to prepare the rank list :
1.The candidate with the minimum number of errors in Physics, Mathematics and then Chemistry.
2. The total combined marks obtained in Physics and Mathematics in COMEDK UGET .
3. Secured scores in Mathematics section
4. Finally, if the tie is still not broken then the candidate who is older in age will be allotted a higher rank


The authorities have released the rank list along with the result. The COMEDK UGET  rank list will have the names of the candidates who have been selected for the counselling and seat allotment session. The candidates will be called in for the counselling and allotted seats according to the rank list.

COMEDK UGET 2020 Answer Key:

The answer key for COMEDK UGET 2020 has been published online on 4th week of May, 2020. However, the students will be able to complain objection to the official answer key in case of the wrong answer. The last date to submit your objection is last week of May 2020. Note that to challenge the answer key, candidates have to pay a fee of 500/-. The final answer key will be released on 4th week May, 2020.

Steps to check COMEDK Answer Key:

Candidates will be required to enter their user id & password to download/view the answer key.  The candidates can view answer key to their respective code/set of COMEDK UGET by following the procedure listed below

1. Visit the candidate login page of COMEDK

2. Provide your user id & password

3. Click the submit button. Your answer key will be displayed.

4. It is advised that you be very careful while tallying the answer key. You should do it for your respective set only.

5. After the provisional answer key is displayed, candidates will have 8 days to challenge the provisional answer key

6. The official COMEDK Answer Key will soon be updated here. Let’s talk about how to challenge the provisional COMEDK Answer Key.

Procedure to challenge COMEDK Answer Key

1. The provisional answer key of COMEDK UGET will be released on the official website

2. Candidates can challenge any number of answer(s) in the provisional COMEDK answer key by filling the challenge form.

3. Candidates can fill the challenge form by logging into their accounts on the official login page.

4. The challenge costs Rs. 500 for each question.

5. This money will be refunded only if the challenge is valid, otherwise it will be forfeited.

6. Then the Final Answer Key of COMEDK UGET will be published  & no further clarifications will be entertained

COMEDK UGET 2020 Eligibility Criteria:

General Eligibility:

1. The candidates should have qualified 10+2 (or equivalent) examination from a recognized board or University by state or central government. COMEDK UGET 2020 Eligibility Criteria for B.E/B.Tech Course.

2. Should have studied Physics, Mathematics, and English as compulsory subjects and any one of the optional subjects – Chemistry, Biology or Biotechnology or any other technical vocational courses.

3. In 10+2 (or equivalent) examination, the General category candidates should have scored 45% marks while SC/ST/OBC category candidates should have secured 40% in PCM. All candidates should have also passed in each subject separately.

For B. Arch. Course:

1. The candidates should have studied 10+2 (or equivalent) exam from a recognized University or board.

2. Should have passed the examination with Mathematics as one of the compulsory subjects.

3. Those candidates who have qualified 10+3 diploma recognized by the state or central government will also be eligible.

For B.Tech/B.E. Programmes:

1. The candidates should have qualified second PUC or 10+2 higher secondary or any other equivalent examination as recognized by State/Central government.

2. Should have studied Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry as compulsory subjects along with English in the final two years of 10+2 (or equivalent) qualifying examination.

3. General category should have secured at-least 45% aggregate marks and also qualified individually in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics during their 10+2 (or equivalent) examination. For SC/ST/OBC candidates, the aggregate marks to be secured is 40%.

For B.Tech/ B.E. Programmes in Biotechnology/ Biology:

Subjects Required - The candidates should have passed 10+2 (or equivalent) examination with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects and any one of the following as optional subjects - Chemistry/Biotechnology/Biology/Computer Science/Electronics.

COMEDK UGET 2020 Reservation Criteria

According to the reservation criteria of COMEDK UGET 2020, the candidates will be segregated into categories. Classification will be done into General Merit and SC/ST/OBC on state basis. The candidates can also be classified into Tulu/Christian minority communities and Hyderabad - Karnataka (HK) region. All of the candidates seeking reservation will have to provide valid documents during the counselling process. According to Karnataka Government Order, reservation will also be given to candidates who are ‘local persons’ for HK region. Other than the above mentioned categories, no other categories will also be allowed to get admission through the reservation criteria.


Q: What is COMEDK UGET 2020 and conducted by whom
A: COMEDK UGET 2020 is a state-level entrance exam. It is conducted by the COMEDK to find the eligible candidates for Engineering & Architecture in Karnataka.

Q: Can students outside of Karnataka apply for COMDEK
A: Yes. Candidates from all over India can apply for COMDEK.

Q: What is the medium of language in the examination?

A: The medium of language for examination is English.

Q: Is there any negative marking ?

A: No, there is no Negative marking.

Q: How to check the result of COMEDK UGET ?

A: The students can check the result on the official website of  Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka.

Q: What is the mode of examination?

A: The  mode of examination is online, i.e. computer based.

Q: How the students will know about the counselling process?

A: The students will be intimated about the counselling process by the organizing authority through mail and sms on the registered contact number.

Q: The application fees deposited in offline mode?

A: No the application fee cannot be deposited offline. It must be deposited online.

Q: What is the minimum marks for the COMEDK UGET?

A: In 10+2 (or equivalent) examination, the General category candidates should have scored 45% marks while SC/ST/OBC category candidates should have secured 40% in PCM

Q: What is the procedure to download the admit card?

A: The procedure to download the admit card is mentioned below:

1. Go to the official website of COMEDK UGET 2020 Admit Card link.

2. Log in to the website using the login credentials provided at the time of registration.

3. The admit card will be shown on the screen. Check the details given on the admit card.

4. Download the admit card and take a print out for future use.

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