Reasons to look beyond 'scope' when choosing your career


Choose the Career which Fascinates You Not the Other which Claims to Have More Scope!!

The words said by our ex- President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam ‘Dream to dare, dare to dream’ possesses a great message. If we have no dreams and ambitions in our life then we can not achieve success. The concept of choosing a career arises from our dreams and aims. When we ask the children about their aims of life, without even understanding anything they reply that ‘I want to become a doctor or painter or dancer etc.’ but after the school days are over we start thinking a bit seriously about our career. Some years ago there were limited opportunities so choices were also limited. Even getting a job was much easier for the students after earning a basic qualification. Now, the time has completely changed. The diversity in employment sector is resulting the diversity in career opportunities. To keep pace with time various educational institutions are also offering various types of courses. So, without being confused a student has to be very serious while choosing a career.

Before choosing a career one has to asses himself. Because each individual has their own potential, talent and qualities. One should choose a career by taking these things into consideration. Not necessarily one has to blindly follow the footprints of his/her parents and elders at least in this regard. What you are and what you can do no one knows this better than you.  We  often believe that if we follow the trodden path that everyone follows, the chances of success is assured but we never think that the  path which made one person successful might not throw light upon other person too. So, ‘scopes for job’ should not be the only factor to determine a suitable career for you. So, don’t forget to take these aspects into consideration while choosing your career-

  •  Self-assessment
  • Your interest and passion
  • Your strength and weakness
  • Your values such as financial security, work-life balance and social justice
  • Your attitude towards work
  • Your ability to handle stress
  • Education and training
  • Your financial condition
  • Your expectation from your career

Today’s world is full of competition and here also the theory of Darwin ‘survival of the fittest’ works. The person having more talent and potential gets more scope. If you want to survive in this tough competition then be the best version of yourself. Give more emphasis on your present to achieve your coveted goal. Always keep in mind that sincerity brings forth brighter future.

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The First Job..... A dream come true ? or a nightm...

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  • 20-09-2018

As a student, everyone aspires to achieve their goal and get their dream job. We all have plans for our future and often we do tend to imagine ourselves 20 years or 10 years from now… working in the firm we always wanted to… and like it is always said, one is never contented with what he/she has…. We always wanted to grow up when we were small and now that we have grown we wish we could go back to our childhood once again. Similarly one is restless to get a job as soon as he/she enters college…but as soon as his work life gets monotonous, he craves for days back at college. As said by many, life is not a hunky dory… , we do get what we want but life throws us to many different kinds of challenges to make sure we are capable enough to actually deserve “that something”. However, one should know that life gets much more complicated when one starts working… he/she can never get back the carefree life that he was used to. Hence, he should start accepting new challenges and try to get accustomed to his new life… cause this is exactly the life he had been craving for since his early age. It is also unfair on his part to think that all the others i.e. his seniors or colleagues will adjust according to him.. one needs to make certain compromises.. in order to adjust with his seniors and colleagues …A first job can give anyone the jitters but if mentored correctly, they can be an asset to the organization. Out of the innumerable problems faced by freshers during their first job, some unavoidable ones are- Nervousness and inability to express one’s views However confident an individual might be, he is always nervous as a rat when it comes to his first job… he is unable to express his views publicly with the fear of getting dejected or humiliated in front of others, even if he has good key points in mind … he often tends to not follow all that is said by his boss as nervousness overpowers his conscious state thereby leaving him in a subconscious state of mind and then he fails to complete his task properly as his doubts have properly not been cleared. Remedy– it is okay to be nervous on the first few weeks of your job but one must gradually try to push back his nervousness and step out of his comfort zone in order to prove himself capable enough…. He should start expressing his viewpoints on a particular agenda so that he could know if his ideas are competent enough when compared to the others. Underemployment- Another major problem today is underemployment… in today’s cut-throat competition, it is very difficult to get employed. Often students come under the pressure of their parents and opt for jobs which are much below their level to save themselves from the horror of unemployment, only to go there and find themselves much more efficient than his seniors and thinking it to be a waste of time. Remedy -  underemployment is not actually a waste of time in the long run… one always has the liberty to opt for a better job once he gets a chance… but when compared to being unemployed and sitting back at home on a couch watching T.V., underemployment surely is a much better option. at least one will have some sort of work experience before getting his desired job where the competition is much higher. Casting couch Though it is a crime, people do fall prey to casting couch… people think that their life is set once they get their dream job … but in most cases, especially girls do have to pay a heavy price… they are both mentally as well as physically harassed to surrender their self –esteem and pride and not leak it out in the open or else they might get fired and the harasser will make sure that he/she does not get hired in any reputed firm thereafter. Remedy -  don’t be afraid to raise your voice .. it is an even bigger crime to allow injustice with yourself… no one has the right to control you in any manner.. go ahead and do lodge a complaint against the harasser and make him pay for his sins. Peer pressure- freshers usually take too much of mental pressure if their peers have completed a certain task and they themselves are still working on it.. they start feeling demotivated and find themselves incapable …. Some even get jealous of their colleague’s promotion and think of ways of bringing him down in front of others.. thus, a healthy competition turns into dirty politics in a fraction of second and before he even realizes, he becomes a whole new individual who is just jealous of everyone around. Remedy Every individual has a different style of working… some learn and pick up new things very quickly while it takes some time for some to pick up the same thing … some finish their work before the assigned time while some take a little longer time to finish the task with perfection…one must try and work on his weaknesses rather than comparing himself with others or criticizing them… cause it takes only a few moments to turn a healthy competition into something dirty. One must always keep in mind that he was not born to compete with others but with himself…. Only if one competes with himself can he progress both at work and in life.  

NTA Replaces CBSE for all Entrance Examinations in...

2018 would be remembered as the landmark year in the history of Indian education sector. Many experimental and significant proposals in the field of education have been brought into action by the Government in a hope of increasing efficiency and transparency in country’s educational system. One of the major moves is setting up of National Testing Agency (NTA). NTA is a statutory body, which has been approved by Union Cabinet for conducting entrance examinations of JEE, NEET, CTET, UGC NET, etc. Till date, these exams were conducted by The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). CBSE is a Board of Education for public and private schools, under the Union Government of India. The agency would take over the examinations which are currently being conducted by CBSE and eventually cover other entrance examinations too. The setting up of NTA would allow students to have access to one standardized test and also the uneven difficulty level in various sittings in an exam can be eliminated.  The main purpose of the NTA is to relieve Central Board of Secondary Education from its duties of conducting entrance examinations so that it could focus on improving the quality of higher education in country. NTA, would conduct the entrance exams twice a year from 2019 onwards. As a result of which those, who are not able to qualify for the entrance examination in the first attempt, can go for another attempt without wasting a year. Earlier, students used to remain disappointed due to wastage of time.  Things you need to know about National Testing Agency. NTA is registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act, 1860 and will function as an autonomous body. It will conduct various entrance examinations like JEE, CTET, UGC NET twice a year and the exam will be conducted in online mode. NTA was proposed in the budget of 2017-18 and the Government has allocated a fund of Rs. 25 crore for NTA to begin operation in the first year. In the upcoming years, the agency will become self-sustainable. The NTA will be chaired by the eminent educationists appointed by Human Resources Development Ministry, the CEO will be the Director General, who will be appointed by the government and there will be a Board of Governors comprising members from user institutions. It is also expected that setting up NTA will help avoid conflicts about varying levels of difficulty in different sets of question paper. It is believed that NTA will benefit medical and engineering aspirants tremendously. Systematic and biannual exam would be able to fill up vacant seats more effectively resulting into negligible wastage of seat in educational institutions, which used to remain vacant due to system flaws. The entrance examinations will be organised online in a systematic manner to avoid any malpractices and discrepancies. It will maintain strict discipline and avoid discrepancies that arise in various sets of question papers. Students will no longer stay under pressure to take their entrance examination soon after appearing their board examinations.  If not qualified in first attempt the students would not have to wait a long year to sit in exam again.  Also read: What are the Changes made in NEET 2019? NEET UG 2019, Exam Pattern, Syllabus  

A career in Defence...

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  • 13-10-2018

Every individual dream of serving his nation at least once in his lifetime. However, not all are lucky enough to get the privilege. Of all professions, a career in defence is the most respected, noblest and indeed the most sacred one.  Having a career in defence makes a person not only disciplined and strong but also opens up many other avenues for growth. Defence personnel are exclusively trained in combat,  in the usage of different kinds of weaponry and are equipped to handle the security of anything, from a club to the whole country. A career in defence force opens up a huge number of opportunities for those who wish to lead adventurous yet disciplined lives. Defence careers can be categorized into 3 categories such as : Indian army Indian Navy Indian air force A person with a defence career shall have twin opportunities of defending the national frontiers from foreign aggression as also serving the civil society in the event of various calamities. A career in defence forces is all about accepting thrills and adventures, as also facing challenges at the risk of your life. There are two ways of getting into defence forces: National Defence Academy (NDA) Combined Defence Service Exam (CDSE) The NDA is meant for those candidates who have completed or are about to complete their 10+2 level of education. And just in case you have missed your train due to some reason, no worries. You still have the chance to get into these highly coveted services after completing graduation. The CDSE is for those who have completed their graduation. However, many other ways are also there to get into these forces  Apart from NDA and CDSE, one can also get into the Indian Air Force Academy through : NCC SE (Men only) : As an Air Wing Senior Division ’C’ Certificate holder of the National Cadet Corps, one can apply to the Flying Branch of the Indian Air Force. Men can join the Air Force Academy and get training in flying branch through this mode of entry and will be given a Permanent Commission These were the main modes how male candidates can apply for the force. But there are ways through which female candidates can also apply: AFCAT : Through AFCAT both girls and boys can join the flying (SSC), Technical and Ground Duties Course. This exam is held twice every year in the month of Feb and August. There are also some other ways to join the Indian Navy Service : UES Entry: UES stands for University Entry Scheme. The pre-final year and final year male students of engineering degree are eligible to apply for this entry. There are a number of branches like General Services, Executive entry etc. For Naval Architecture Branch, both women and men can apply. The specific branches and commission types  may vary  10+2 (B.Tech) Cadet Entry:  Navy announces it as the 10+2 Entry which is similar to 10+2 Technical Entry of Army. Boys who have passed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and have secured 70% as an aggregate can apply for this entry. This is a technical entry, where applications are shortlisted based on the percentage and SSB calls are given to eligible candidates. The training duration of this course is for four years. A degree of Engineering is awarded to the candidates on successful completion of the training. Graduate Direct Entries: These are a number of entries which require a minimum graduation degree. These entries can be for branches like IT, Logistics, Administration, Observer, Pilot, Education etc. Navy keeps on publishing advertisements for the same at different times of a year. The mode of entry is direct, based on the graduation cut-off. Different branches may have different educational qualifications, as required by them. Men and Women both can apply for  SSC and PC. For joining the Indian army, these might be the substitute options : 10+2 Technical Entry Scheme (TES): Candidates who have qualified 10+2 CBSE/ICSE/State Board Examination with a minimum aggregate of 70% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are eligible to apply under the 10+2(TES). On being successful in the SSB and being declared fit by the medical board, they may undergo one-year basic military training at the Training Academy and thereafter may undergo three years of engineering degree course in respective streams before getting Permanent Commission. On being commissioned, they are further put through one more year of post-commissioning training for the Arm/Service into which they are commissioned. Army Cadet College (ACC) Entry:  The eligible Other Ranks (OR) in the age group of 20-27 years and minimum of two years of service, having 10+2 pass qualification can apply for a Regular Commission. After qualifying in the written examination conducted by the Military Training Directorate, the aspirants are screened by SSB and the Medical Board. Successful candidates are then trained at Army Cadet College Wing, Dehradun, for three years at the end of which they get a graduate degree. This is next followed by one year of pre-commission training at IMA, Dehradun NCC (Special Entry Scheme):  University graduates possessing NCC ‘C’ Certificate with a minimum ‘B’ grade and 50% aggregate marks in graduation examination are eligible to apply for Short Service Commission through this entry. Those studying in the third year are allowed to apply provided they have secured a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in the first two years. Such candidates will need to secure an overall aggregate of minimum 50 % marks if selected in the interview failing which his candidature will be cancelled. Candidates must possess a graduate degree at the time of joining OTA or those candidates studying in the third year should produce the degree within 12 weeks from date of commencement of training at OTA. Such cadets are exempted from writing the examination conducted by the UPSC and are directly put through the SSB interview followed by a medical board. Candidates meeting the qualitative requirements shall have to apply through NCC Group Headquarters at the State level. After Screening by the respective Group Headquarters, the Directorate General of NCC forwards the applications of eligible cadets to the Recruiting Directorate of Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence (Army).  A career in armed forces In order to pursue a career in defence in India, candidates need to enrol themselves in the National Defence Academy located in the scenic outskirts of Pune, Maharashtra. The NDA conducts an entrance test for students of class 12 every year in May. Mathematics and Physics are compulsory subjects if a person wants to appear for the test. Every year, around 1 lakh students appear for the exam out of which only 350 are selected for the training. This itself speaks of the fact that only the best of the best can find a place at the National Defence Academy.  If a trainee succeeds in passing the gruelling training course and graduates from the National Defence Academy, the soldier is commissioned as an officer in any branch of the Indian armed forces. If it ’s a technical course that the candidate completed at NDA then they will operate war machinery in aircraft, ships, tanks or submarines. In the case of non-technical courses, the graduate soldiers begin their career as an army officer and in case of the air force, as the flying lieutenant. Depending on one ’s abilities and skills, he can rise in the ranks and become Chief of Staff of Indian armed forces, the highest post for a soldier in the country, discipiled only by the President, who is the official commander in chief of all Indian armed forces.  There are also other career opportunities in defence apart from joining the Army, Navy or Air force. For instance, one may become a Para commando or a National Security Guard (NSG) commando. However, recruits for the training of such elite forces are usually picked from regular army units and their training is considered one of the toughest training in the world. But that in no way means that one cannot aspire for it.  Career prospects A graduate of NDA is commissioned as an officer in one of the branches of the Armed Forces. If it’s a technical course, one will have to work on machines and computer equipment that is used in tanks, aircraft, ships and submarines. But if his choices are non-technical, he gets to make his start as a first lieutenant in the Army and Navy, and as a Flying Lieutenant in the Air force. Depending on his levels of commitment and sheer skills, he can grow up the hierarchy and also become the chief of staff. It sums down to how mentally and physically tough you are. Life of a soldier is never easy,  the prospects are immense and tough is the life. Discipline is the bedrock and courage is the foundation for anyone to grow in this career. National Defence and Naval Academy : Candidates are selected for admission into army, navy and airforce wing of the NDA and Naval Academy, twice every year on the basis of the written examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. The qualified candidates then appear for an intelligence and personality test conducted by the Service Selection Board. The written examination comprises of Maths and General Ability Test, which is of two and a half hours each, carrying 300 and 600 marks respectively. Entry to the NDA is restricted only to the unmarried male candidates of the age group 16- 19 years. The candidates need to be citizens of one of the following countries, to be eligible for the countries. The countries are – India, Bhutan, Nepal, Burma, Sri Lanka and East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia and Vietnam. they can also be migrants from Pakistan. Educational Qualifications : Army Wings of NDA : A pass certificate in 10+2 exam conducted by a state education board or a university. Air Force and Naval Wing of NDA : A pass certificate in 10+2 exam conducted by a state education board or a university with Physics and Maths. A candidate recommended by the Service Selection Board has to undergo a medical examination by a Board of Service Medical Officers. The minimum height acceptable is 157.5 cm(162.5cm for Air Force ). The selected candidates for the three services i.e Army, Navy and Air Force are provided preliminary training – both academic and physical for 3 years at NDA. The training during the first two and half years is common for the cadets of all the wings. After passing out, the cadets are awarded B.SC/ B.A degree by JNU, DELHI. On passing out, the army cadets are sent to the Indian Military Academy, DEHRA DUN while the Naval and Air Force cadets go to the Cadets Training Ship and AFA, Hyderabad / BFTS, Allahabad. Pros & Cons Pros Cadets get the utmost respect from civilians. Only the best get selected for training and among them, only the bravest survive and become soldiers. It opens up a whole new world of adventure and thrill and the possibility to serve a cause and advance ahead in ranks. The government pays attention to its soldiers and provides them with all kinds of facilities and perks like health cover, subsidized food and transportation. Cons They lead a life filled with discipline and obedience. The challenges are not just physical but also mentally taxing. Once you qualify and get admitted, train and enter the permanent service, there is no turning back as exit policies are very strict. Soldiers are mostly posted at dangerous fronts on long stretches and have to remain away from their families for long periods of time Above all, the army is the rich quality of life tempered by a good discipline offered by the services which cannot find a comparison. The glamour of large compensation in the private sectors attracts a lot of young people. While some do make a pretty success out of it, yet in a majority of cases the pressure of prolonged working hours, often against the biological rhythm brings in a lot of dysfunction in their life. This, in turn, leads to a quick burn out and avoidable stress-related medical problems. It is time that the new generation realized life is not about being in a hurry but to step back and enjoy the journey of life.

Top 5 career scopes , if you are having an English...

Now we have reached in such a world where thankfully, there are a myriad of career options, fit to everybody’s liking. A lot of us have been evolved with the series of Harry Potter and The jungle Book, and over the years, this admiration for reading grew up to be more than just a hobby. Students of English Literature who have thought of pursuing a degree in English literature only to be hit with the question- what is next?Studying English and pursuing a career in this stream offers you a diverse career option, growth and opportunity, high pay off, prestige, prosperity, global perspective and an intellectual challenging environment which is changing every day. “We shall not cease from exploration, And the end of our exploringWill be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time.” – T.S. Eliot.To build the position you need to start with the basics of English literature. Bachelor of Arts (BA) with English Honors is the three year course which is aimed to develop the aesthetic skills in the field of English literature. Candidates can pursue this course right after their class 12.After completing B.A in English literature, a student can get myriad opportunities to build his/her career. Now, let us focus on those scopes, which will give a good and respectable career in English honors. Master’s Degree and Higher study:M.A and Ph.D. degrees, which offer more advanced studies than B.A and which prepare students for colleges and university teaching and for research careers. These programs can prove out to be very beneficial for the candidates.Content Writing & Blogging:With this degree in hand, you can take up writing, professionally which can give you a respectable career as well as good money. If you have flair for written word, but in a way that connects well with the audience, you can explore a career in these fields. While content writing is focused more towards writing brand focused content, blogging is more versatile. You can write articles about anything you feel passionate about fashion, technology, or over animals. You can also write content for a magazine or a newspaper. By the help of your creative mind you can be a copywriter in an advertising agency after having degree in English.Creative Writing:After doing your Bachelor’s in English, you have got a great idea to understand other people’s work, so why not write your own? If you have the creative ability to weave together words in to beautiful prose or poems, then your career is all set up for you. From writing novels and short stories to poems and plays, a career as a writer can prove to be very rewarding for an English Honors graduate.Anchor:Having a strong Communication skills as well as intellectuals ability may give you a job in the world of Anchor. It may be news reading, product anchoring or entertainment news hosting; all these options provide lucrative salary and exciting opportunities.Public Relations:If you have a great skill to convince people with your words alone and get those to see your points without even trying very hard, then you will make PR as your career after doing BA in English.Translator:You can take up the job of a translator as well and get paid really well for it. Since you are already proficient in the English language, all you need is to learn another foreign language and work for the embassy or take up any other translator jobs. The best thing is that our Indian Parliament also require translator to translate the speeches of its members as it has made a law that its members can give their speeches in their native languages. For making everybody know about the speeches, a translator is must be required. So, this law also gives best opportunities to the English Honors students. After achieving a Bachelor degree in English, there are the above professional courses eagerly wait for a student. So, you are free to choose according to your will and admiration that can also help you to fetch a good salaried job. But before choosing it, please do a comprehensive research on all. It is clearly visible that there are a vast number of career options to choose from. You just have to listen to your heart and put the pedal on the mental and go for your dreams. 

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