TOEFL Reduced Time Duration for New Score Feature

  • 03Oct,2019
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    The authorities of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) has reduced the time of TOEFL exam from its previous duration. The new time duration has been set to be for 3hrs only while the previous one was about 3 & a half hours. With the time reduction, the authorities have also introduced 'My Best Scores'. It will show on those sections as a highlight in which the candidate has performed the best in case of multiple exams.

    However, there have been no changes in the test pattern, format, or quality. As per the authorities, "Shorter duration will lessen fatigue and improve focus and performance thus, helping aspirants perform better."

    The Executive director of TOEFL, Srikant Gopal says, "Over the period, we have collected data of TOEFL test takers, its review suggested that the test can be shortened without diluting the test quality or score validity. This was done by applying research to maintain test quality through various statistical procedures and the application of advanced assessment technology."

    The Executive director has also advised the candidates to prepare themselves for the upcoming exams as their usual tactics as the pattern and everything will remain the same. However, the candidates are required to be more focused than before.

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