Symbiosis incubates and welcomes to Start-Ups

  • 06Jun,2019

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    In over the third-floor office of Symbiosis Centre for the Entrepreneurship and the Innovation (SCEI) Nishant Tikekar- The Head Health Tech and his relevant team are planning for the next few busy days further ahead. On the peak, the anvil is the medical hackathon in the month or the two, and support for all kinds of the six incubate start-ups. The institute also hopes for the incubate more to start-ups in the near of the future.
    SCEI is the technology business of the incubator for which has the support funding system from the Department of the Science and Technology for the initial of the five years.
    SCEI is the Pune-based over the university’s effort so as to incubate to the start-ups and also have an idea for the scientific novelty, which is the commercially viable and also possible as it has some social benefit. Into the exchange of the university, it takes a stake of 5%. The program is also open to all of the relevant and also to the Symbiosis students. Also, to date, two of the incubates have been successfully exited to the program.

    We have a courting process, where the panel of the technical expert's rate to the ideas based over the 10-minute pitch, followed by the 5-minute question and the answer session. If this seems to be a good idea, we invite them so as to incubate, “ said the Tikekar adding, “Once the start-up agrees, they have to sign into the memorandum of the understanding with the university and also agree to be as incubated for the 24- month period.”

    According to Tikekar, it is a very democratic and an option for the open-door policy where anyone could walk into the Lawale office and also make a pitch into it. Historically, for those with the third of those who made a pitch have made the cut. Among on the start-ups are those who are working in the fields of education, structuring of the organizational communication and also the real-estate of the investment firm.
    We handhold to the start-ups from the ideation to market launch, which is done through the series of the support, its mentorship and the workshops,where it is hooked with one of the professors from the relevant top colleges like the SIBM, provide the legal, accounting and the taxation of the relevant support, also held over the multiple workshops on the fields of budgeting, team management, marketing, negotiation etc,” said Tikekar.

    SCEI has also ordered to the hi-tech equipment that the start-ups can use for, and also to the further their business, further, to the institute is also open so as to provide the specific instrumentation to the incubates, so as the center would take up more of the space so that it can provide the infrastructure and the space so as for more fields under start-ups.

    9:15 am – 5:00 pm

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