IIM Calcutta rolls out on Digital Mindsets

  • 05Oct,2019
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    Indian Institute of Management Calcutta has rolled out a long duration program on “Competing on Digital Mindsets’  (CDM). The Programme aims also to equip the participants with the ability to think over the technology and the business in a different point of view, such that it can re-wired client organizations enabling them so as to become the agile in the technology and the business, and the redesign of the organization and the business process with the digital mindset and the outlook.

    The one-year program will focus on the modules such as :

    1-Ontology of the District Shift, Cognitive Tools for the Digital World,
    2-Competencies and Skills for the Digital Landscape and Organizing and

    3-Executing for Digital Business.

    It has also been designed also in a way and believes that the most of the robust talent in the IT Sector shall complete, not merely over the basis of the digi-technologies and the digital capabilities, or the digital experience but, more of the importantly, on the basis of the carefully cultivated digital mindset.

    The Programme that starts in the month of July 2019, would have one session of three hours of every week for a period of the 11 months. The sessions here will be delivered through the Direct to the Desktop mode. The participants will be engaged in the curriculum through the lectures, case studies, the experiential learning, an integrative capstone project along with the guest lectures from the practitioners. The eligibility for enrolling into the program is the work experience of at least 7 years after graduation. Professor Priya Seetharaman and Professor Rahul Roy, Management Information Systems Group would be spearheading the program.

    Sharing a glimpse of the program’s content and pedagogy, program director Prof. Seetharaman said, “Gone are the days when the IT professionals were only expected to develop and to implement and also to maintain the IT applications. Today, they also need to be more aware ahead of the different business domains, envision to the changes and also be able to visualise and create a new digital experiences for the immediate and to the end customers. The CDM program aims to provide the participants with the technical, business and soft skills to achieve this transformation.”  Prof. Roy, program director added, “ The digital disruption brings forth lots of opportunities for the average IT professional. At the same time, they also need to unlearn and build new capabilities to see these opportunities and capitalize on them, this will be where the CDM program can bring the difference.

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