IIM Calcutta Launches Programs For IT Professionals

  • 05Oct,2019

    Experience of Studying Abroad

    The program will help mid-level IT professionals to undergo cognitive reskilling.
    The NASSCOM-McKinsey Perspective 2025 highlights that the top executives at the tech companies believe that 50-70% of the current staff would need the reskilling by 2020.
    Competing to the Digital Mindsets (CDM) program launched by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta aims and focuses over the equip of the participants over the ability to think about the technology and the business differently all over - such as that they can re-wire the client organizations, enabling the each so as to become agile in the technology and the business.

    The program has been so as designed into a way and a belief a way that the most of the robust talent in the IT sector shall compete not over the basis of the digital technologies, digital capabilities, or over the digital experience but, more of the important, over the basis of a carefully cultivated digital mindset overall.
    “From the perspective of the IT industry, the digital transformations demand to the significantly different to the cognitive skills, The aim of the one-year program is to train the participants with the cognitive skills that are required to the re-architect core sector firms, which is the also the reason why we tag it as the transforming the transformer program,” says Priya Seetharaman, associate professor , Management Information Systems, IIM Calcutta. 

    Course Components
    The coursework is divided into the four main modules - the sense, think, act, craft and digital.   Each of the relevant modules have several courses, which are aimed to support helping the participant to appreciate the ontology of the digital shift ; understand and to learn the cognitive tools which help them so as to meander through the digital world,develop skills for functioning of digital landscape, and of the organising, operating and to the execution for the digital business.
    The CDM program will also have the courses on strategic thinking for the digital mediums, the valuation of the digital products, leadership in the digital and the technology related change management. This will help the professionals so as to transit into the business-oriented technological roles such as the managers of engagement and the relationship, where the relevant roles will involve to the designing and the crafting of the digital solutions where the interaction with many of the ‘technology buyers’ within their relevant client organizations, bridging to the business-technological gap,’ also adds Seetharaman.

    The programming was commencing in the July 2019 that consist of the three- hour sessions per week for the time period of 11 months. The participants here will be engaged into the lectures, respective case studies, the experiential learning so as to integrative capstone project along with of the guest lectures from the practitioners, where the eligibility for enrolling to the program is regarding the work experience of the least of the 7 years after the graduation.

    9:15 am – 5:00 pm

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