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Biotechnology as a career after 12th with PCM


The blending of technology with biology is a very interesting thing. This generates a huge scope for research work and inventions.  That is why many youngsters get fascinated by this field and choose biotechnology as their career. Especially, Students having the keen interest in biology choose PCB in 12th so that it would be easier for them to understand and study biotechnology in future. Biotechnology is the field of study which focuses on the intersection of biology and technology, resulting in a vast array of new products which enrich our lives by making our lives healthier and easier.  Nowadays the use of biotechnology almost in everywhere makes this career quite promising for new graduates. Its widespread application in multiple industries like food, pharmaceutical, nutrition, environmental conservation, bio-products, chemical, textiles, medicine, and animal sciences makes biotechnology one of the fastest growing career options with huge opportunities for the professionals. Just because of this wide scope, many students become interested to study biotechnology even after completing their 12th with PCM. Then many questions begin to pop up in the mind of a student. Can a PCM student get admission in biotechnology? How difficult it would be for a PCM student to grasp Biotechnology? Is B.Sc the only option in biotechnology after 12th? If you are one of them then this article may help you to get answers to all your questions.

B.Sc in Biotechnology for the students having PCM in 12th

Yes, it is true that to study biotechnology one have to be very thorough in the basic concepts of biology. The syllabus of biology taught in 11th and 12th are the base of B.Sc in Biotechnology course. So many institutions don’t provide admission to PCM students for biotechnology course. If you have extreme desire to pursue B.Sc in this field then there are some colleges too who welcome PCM students for this course. 

B.Tech in Biotechnology

A student can also opt for engineering in biotechnology after completing 12th with PCM. Unlike B.Sc in biotechnology, a student is eligible for B.Tech Biotech. in every institution. Thus, it is advisable to opt for B.Tech in Biotech. Some of the best universities in India like IITs, NITs, and others offer this course too. To get admission in B.Tech. in biotechnology, the students have to appear the common engineering entrance exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, VITEEE, and others. Similar to the exam for any other engineering branches, the questions are asked from the PCM syllabus and no Biology questions will be asked. So, this is the best part of B.Tech in biotechnology because having Bio in +2 isn't a compulsion to get admissions in this course.

Even though for the sake of admission you don’t need biology but a basic knowledge of biology is very much essential both in B.Sc. and if you take up your career in Biotechnology. In biotechnology major preference is given to biology because biotech is all about integrating biological sciences with new advanced technologies. So, PCM students have to work on themselves to be strong enough in biology. Otherwise, they may face difficulty to understand the concepts. Don’t worry!! Following are the few ways by which a PCM student can make himself/herself strong enough in Biology-

1. Self-study-

To understand the basic concepts of biology you can go through the texts books of Biology of class 11 and 12. NCERT textbooks are considered as standardized books in India and you can also follow some reference books along with those. 

2. Watch tutorial videos and read articles from the internet-

We are in such a world where knowledge has become free but we must know the right sources to acquire them. You can watch the videos on YouTube or any other websites to clear your doubts and to understand the concepts better. You can read articles too.

3. Ask for help from friends-

If you have any friend who has studied Biology in 12th then you are lucky. In this situation, he/she is like the guiding angel for you. So, don’t hesitate to ask for their help in understanding the subject.

4. Join coaching for basic biology-

Students get a long vacation after the 12th board exams are over. This is the right time to work on your weak points. Being a PCM student if you are dreaming to make a career in biotechnology then utilize the time, join any coaching classes for biology and make yourself strong enough in this subject so that it won’t become a nightmare for you in future. 

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