Digital Marketing Career: Why to choose a career in this?


Digital Marketing – Next Big Career Opportunity

In this era of cut-throat competition, where every single brand is struggling to find its way to the top, digital media plays a big role. It paves the way for the consumers to go through every single brand available in the market and compare the quality, variety, and price as per their own needs… because of a busy schedule and heavy work pressure no one today, as the ample time to visit various brand outlets and compare the dress materials and prices with the other. One can easily find a way to clear all their doubts with just one tap on their smartphones or by one click on their desktop mouse. Hence, this marketing process can briefly be summed up as-

Digital marketing is basically the marketing of products and services using digital networks i.e. internet based marketing… It promotes its products and services electronically on the internet. No actual marketing takes place here… everything is simply online.. but at the same time, this marketing does require mobile phones, display advertising or even other digital media.

Earlier, there was nothing such as digital marketing… it was us who gave rise to this digital marketing… and now, as this boon in disguise is gradually rising and trying to compete for the actual marketing, it might soon overpower it’s competitor as consumers seem to like this platform even better.

For those who are planning to go ahead and take digital marketing up as a career, go ahead cause this time it’s your call:

Here are some basic fields you can lay your hands on if you want to convert your passion into your profession:

  • Video/audio production
  • Interactive technology (such as AI)
  • Mobile marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Social media
  • E-commerce
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Content management and curation
  • Web development
  • Web design
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Analytics
  • Business/marketing strategy

Now some of you might be thinking as to why should you opt for this as a career… so here you go.. these few reasons might help you clear your doubts…

Digital marketing is a career that revolves around people of technician background to people having a creative background…people coming from business fields also have a major role to play.

  1. The digital industry is always evolving- You might see something and go to sleep and find everything turned topsy-turvy the very next morning itself.. Hence in this field where lots and lots are happening and changing every single minute, there is always something new and interesting to learn. Secondly, because this profession is more like an open door to various backgrounds, you will be working with a team in which every single member comes from a different background, thus making your project much creative and interesting by different kinds of ideas coming from the minds of various kinds of thinkers.. Hence the marketing strategies brought up at the end would be very innovative.

  2. Digital skill’s gap – Our country is very much lagging behind when compared to the foreign nations like the U.S. digitally… In order to prove ourselves, we need to fulfill the growing demand for people with digital skills, especially in the middle-income market

  3. Versatility – No other profession gives you this kind of liberty or freedom as this one does…you can switch your specialization while still working harder on your previous skills while staying in the same field. There are plenty of fields to choose between where different skills sync together perfectly in each field.

  4. High- income – Since this job is the new trend, there’s more scope to negotiate remuneration whether one is working from the house or as a freelancer. According to the Creative Group, content writers early in their career will likely start at a salary of at least 2.5lac and a new SEO specialist will probably be earning about 2.8lac to start.

  5. Creativity – One can get ample scope to pour his creativity in this profession. Not only can you show your creativity by your words and thoughts but also through your videos and audio production processes.  There is also enough scope for the day – to- day creative ideas to build on .. one can build up creative ideas, new ways of launching products in the market, solve various problems and how to capture the minds of the audience.

This dynamic field helps all sorts of people to excel in their specific fields, thus paving way for their brighter and better future.

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Social Media- Oriented Jobs- The Heartthrob of Tod...

People today are glued to their smartphones gadgets like anything else, even kids these days prefer watching their favorite cartoons online rather than watching it on their television screens… Let's take the example of the coaching classes or let's say, extra classes, we attend.. don’t we make it a point to glance at our phones every five minutes checking for Facebook or Instagram and WhatsApp notifications? Wouldn’t it be like a dream come true if your job itself revolves around social media? Well, this dream possibly can come true … the jobs which help make our dreams come true are as follows:  Copywriter  A copywriter is a person who is in charge of the content that appears on social media as posts… one should have proper knowledge of the language in which the posts have been written… though his work is all advertising and marketing oriented. The main aim of writing the copy is increasing brand awareness and influencing its customers… his average salary can be estimated at about 25,000 monthly. Graphic designers The beautiful and innovative images we see on social media are all the hard work of the graphic designers. Their work is basically to create images for publishing, printing, and even for electronic media. Their work is more centric to photo editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom. They also create motion graphics and design… the main objective of a graphic designer is to hold back the attention of his audience with his creativity. The average salary of a graphic designer estimates to about 30,000 monthly. Blogging The most preferred profession for the youth today… one today can write about anything and everything he feels like in form of a blog and gets well paid for the same.. you can think of it as an online journal or diary, although blogs are used much more now like online journalism. The best part is you get paid for each and every blog that you publish on the internet. one can write food blogs, fashion blogs, travel blogs as per his interest zones. Social media coordinator A social media coordinator is in charge of all the posts that go live every day. The coordinator merely acts as a medium between their company and customers through social media platforms. His most important task is to deal with the messages. The average salary estimate of a social media coordinator is about 35,000 monthly. Marketing manager People working on advertisements related to newspapers, magazines, television, billboards etc. are known as marketing managers. This is at present one of the most reputed jobs in which one can excel using his creativity and skills. Most organizations today, are spending lakhs of rupees of their marketing budgets on social advertisements and social media platforms. The rise in growth of social media paves a wide way for this profession in the market today… The average salary estimate of a marketing manager at present is about 35000 monthly. Social media planner This particular field is for advertisement lovers. The motto of social media planners is to advertise their company names, brand, and products, on social media platforms.. their main work is to plan the budget and make advertising policies. A social media planner is the heart of all other social media representatives as he plans the initial step of each programme.   Read Also: Digital marketing – next big career opportunity Internet and social media today, not only helps people connect with each other but also paves the way for so many interesting career options one can opt for.

ENTREPRENEUR: Essential Pre-Launch Strategies, to ...

No one likes being dominated when it comes to doing a particular piece of work his own way... Startups, break the monotony of a typical work sector, providing much ease and comfort to its employees... A startup company, though, cannot be explained in much detail as each startup company works in a different undoubtedly a great career option to opt for as it has not many competitors in the market...The best part of any startup company is that it keeps evolving with the changing time...  It's a whole new sensation to the young generation, cause people crave for such an ambience at the workplace. But as we all know,  " All that glitters is not gold"... similarly, everything might not be as cool and happening as it appears to be... Hence a good amount of research needs to be done about the startup company so that the roller coaster of your life only finds its way up with time and not vice-versa. So the 5 cautions or the calculative steps one needs to pre-assume before joining a startup are: USP/Value Proportions A good, detailed study of the product and service offerings and its Unique Selling Proportion (USP) needs to be done before thinking of joining the startup. The particular firm must be innovative and provide benefits both technologically and economically to its consumers and win the confidence of their targeted consumers.Employer expectationsIt’s important to know your job description, key result areas (KRAs) and the role in an organisation before joining it. However, because start-ups tend to be short on human resources and other resources also, especially during the initial stage. Efficient utilization of each resource often entails a varied set of responsibilities. As roles are flexible and likely to change rapidly, those who dislike ambiguity should stay away from start-ups. Even if one is willing to go beyond the stated KRAs and take additional responsibilities it would be better to know about their expectation from the leaders about the employee role and job profile.Compensation RiskA startup company will always be prone to many risks, as there is no certainty of market growth and competition may creep in any time... hence one should prepare himself both mentally and financially before entering the firm to face the harsh consequences if need be.. also since it is a startup, one may have to go on working without pay for several months as the company may take some time to establish itself in the market.Start-ups offer various perks and compensation benefits to their employees. Perks such as employee stock options (ESOPs) are often used to attract talent. ESOPs pay off once the Start-up establishes its credentials and draws in investors. However, there’s always the risk of losing out if the start-up does not succeed.Very few start-ups reach a stage where the shares can be sold at a good price so it shouldn’t be the only reason to join a company. One needs to carefully consider the compensation package being offered, and if one is not satisfied with it, then he/she must negotiate a change in its structure—opt for fixed pay, instead of ESOPs.Start-up exitsHigh attrition i.e. investors backing out from the Start-up, is never a good sign in any company. Particularly so in a start-up, where people join with the expectation of growing with the company. There are several cases where even the founder left start-up which is a very bad news for prospective employees. Before joining a start-up, the aspiring employee  must find out about exits from the company, especially that of board members and top management and middle management layoffs in the past 1-2 years.Company culture:The initial members or founders of the company set up the work culture or the company culture inside the office. Therefore before joining the company one should have a sound knowledge about the company culture on how they work, how they behave with each other. The work culture of a big company always differs from that of a small company like Start-ups, where employees are relatively more friendly as compared to big companies. Societal/Political and Economic Impact: According to the consumer psychology, people tend to remember or prefer those ideas which have left a powerful influence on their mind. The firms which are able to leave a greater impact tend to get major boost ups from the government or policymakers. Promoter Credentials, Track Record, Investors and Management Team The fundraising strategies and the background of the investors need to be known well as it may have an impact on the preferability of the agenda in the longer run. A variety of experience and expertise might be brought by the investors when they are global. A careful evaluation should be done of the track record and credentials of the promoter and the management team. This is one of the most important parameters that should be considered while making a decision whether to join the particular firm or not. Market Growth Rate of the Product/Service and its Potential too grow: One always makes it a point to get into an organization which has some minimal reputation or social standing in the market or has the probability to establish itself soon. Scalability of the product or service is critical to take a decision whether the firm can sustain the short term and long term headwinds in the industry or market. One need to evaluate whether the offering is a copycat or new innovation which is first of its kind in the market, as it means a lot if the organisation is a leader or follower in the industry.Summary:Working for any Start- up can be both beneficial and risky as the future of any start-up always remains ambiguous. The better the investors and management the longer will be the survival of the company in the market. Moreover the start can teach some life changing qualities which can be handy in the near future. Therefore careful selection of start-up and proper research should be done regarding the company as there always remains a uncertainty to its survival.

Women Entrepreneurship: Problems, Importance and G...

In this new century, where digitalization and startups, run the whole world today, being an entrepreneur is no big thing. It was indeed a big agenda for people to talk about a few years back, but today it does not astonish the middle-aged people the same way as it used to. So what exactly is entrepreneurship? A person who uses his own creativity, designs, ideas, and money to start his own work/business can be referred to as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship serves as a catalyst for the economic development of the country. It is one of the largest sections for capital accumulation. In fact, economic growth is the result of the efforts taken by entrepreneurs. Similarly, entrepreneurs can dictate the economic growth by their actions and decisions. Now many have begun to realize that for achieving the goal of economic development, it is necessary to promote entrepreneurship both qualitatively and quantitatively in the country. Only active and enthusiastic entrepreneurs fully explore the potentialities of the country’s available resources – labour, technology and capital. It took people some pretty years to digest this new idea of business. It became even difficult to digest the fact when women too thought of taking up entrepreneurship as a business. Whenever we support a women’s success, a pop-up of feminism gets tagged to ur identity. It’s beyond my understanding why men doing the same does not become a piece of a news article. No, women don’t believe in special treatment from the society, they are just asking for equal treatment. If a man can take up start-up as a career without being much discussed in the public, then why are women given so much of attention when they start working, especially after their marriage? why isn’t it seen as a regular task for women as well? The government of India has defined women entrepreneur as “ an enterprise owned and controlled by women having a minimum financial interest of 51% of the capital and giving at least 51% of the employment generated in the enterprise to women”. In most countries, regions, and sectors, the majority of business owner/managers are male (from 65% to 75%). However, there is increasing evidence that more and more women are becoming interested in small business ownership and/or actually starting up in business. In addition, rates of self-employment among women are increasing in several EU countries. Although there are no official statistics relating businesses to the gender of their owner/manager, there is a good deal of evidence to suggest a significant increase in female entrepreneurship. According to the Women’s Financial Network, women start businesses at two times the rate of men. While women are starting more businesses than men, they find it harder at the outset to grow their businesses and access venture capital. Women entrepreneurs constitute 10 % of the number of entrepreneurs in our country. "All over the world, there is a realization that the best way to tackle poverty and enable the community to improve its quality of life is through social mobilization of poor, especially women into self-help groups. Ever since independence,  a number of innovative schemes have been launched for the upliftment of women in our country. The Indian government has taken a lot of initiatives to strengthen the institutional rural credit system and development programmes. Viewing it in the welfare programmes of the Ninth Five Year Plan (1997-2002) and shifting the concept of Development to Empowerment. The Indian government adopted the approach of Self Help Groups (SHGs) to uplift the rural poor women. The empowerment of women through Self Help Groups (SHGs) would lead to benefits not only to the individual woman and women groups but also the families and community as a whole through collective action for development. Most women business owners in Indian organization were either housewives or fresh graduates with no previous experience of running a business, These women business owners were in traditionally women-oriented business like garments, beauty care, and fashion designing, which either do not require any formalized training or are developed from a hobby or an interest in a business, The classic example will be of herbal queen Lady Shehnaz Hussain who started her herbal-based treatment from a relatively small scale. In fact, she started literally from her kitchen domain to a chain of beauty parlors spread out across the nation and world same can be said for Keya Seth. Since the 21st century, the status of women in India has been changing as a result of growing industrialization and urbanization, spasmodic mobility and social legislation. Over the years, more and more women are going in for higher education, technical and professional education and their proportion in the workforce has also been increased. With the spread of education and awareness, women have shifted from the kitchen, handicrafts and traditional cottage industries to non-traditional higher levels of activities. Even the government has laid special emphasis on the need for conducting special entrepreneurial training programs for women to enable them to start their own ventures. Financial institutions and banks have also set up special cells to assist women entrepreneurs, this has boomerang the women entrepreneurs on the economic scene in the recent years although many women's entrepreneurship enterprises are still a much-neglected field. However, for women, there are several handicaps to enter into and manage business ownership due to the deeply embedded traditional mindset and stringent values of the Indian society. Women have to play multiple roles : Sometimes she has to play the role of either wife or mother Or she has to adorn the role of parent or daughter Simultaneously in the social setting, she has to play the different roles in the community Playing these roles, women sometimes submerged their own self-rule and their own reality. The constraints experienced by women entrepreneurs have resulted in restricting and inhibited the expansion of women entrepreneurship. The majority of women business owners have had to rely to a significant extent on self-generated finance during the start-up period of their business. Bank loans and grants have only been used in a minority of cases and have usually been accompanied by some form of self-generated finance. The availability of bank credit appears to increase once businesses become established and/or a good relationship with the bank has been developed. Banks are reported to have been more forthcoming in the provision of loans once a business has begun to demonstrate a track record. Because of limited funds, they are not able to stock new materials and spend on advertising. As women are accepting a subordinate status, as a result, they lack the confidence in their own capabilities, Even at home, family members do not have much faith in women possessing the abilities of decision-making. Due to primary household responsibilities towards her family, her time gets divided between the two worlds. She has restricted timings for work due to which, she is not in a position to travel frequently and be away for longer periods. Thus, her mobility is restricted. This also has an implication on business. A woman is dominated by men in her family as well as business. Often she has to obtain permission from men for almost everything. They are not treated as equals. Her freedom to spread her wings is restricted. She always has to consult and get the approval of men. A woman has to perform multiple roles be it familial or social irrespective of her career as a working woman or an entrepreneur. In our society, more importance is being given to a male child as compared to a female child. This mindset results in a lack of schooling and necessary training for women. As a result of these impediments the progress of women and handicap them in the world of work. For Bollywood lovers, the film English Vinglish is the best example where her own family members were judgemental about her capability, be it in making Indian sweets for a wedding or speaking in fluent English. Her family itself was embarrassed to introduce her in public. In most countries, regions, and sectors, the majority of business owner/managers are male (from 65% to 75%). However, there is increasing evidence that more and more women are becoming interested in small business ownership and/or actually starting up in business. Women are working in this multifaceted world. The organization scenario changes like a kaleidoscope with every responsibility, accountability and multiple pulls and pushes, which women have faced and came out with success. In addition, rates of self-employment among women are increasing in several countries. Although there are no official statistics relating businesses to the gender of their owner/manager, there is a good deal of evidence to suggest a significant increase in female entrepreneurship. One consequence of this is that women are a relatively new group of entrepreneurs compared with men, which means that they are more likely to run younger businesses. This, in turn, has some implications for the problems they face and their ability to deal with them.

Confused if Coaching is really helpful for a Stude...

What does Coaching exactly mean? Coaching means a form of development in which a person called teacher or coach supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. How is that helpful? Some social policy researchers have claimed that enhanced student coaching and support can play an important role in helping students successfully navigate the college enrollment process, complete training and transition to employment. Coaching plays a very vital role in forming a students' career. As the competition in the world is increasing day by day everyone requires guidance to move forward. And here Coaching institutes come as a helping hand. No doubt at the end of the day it's the student's personal interest and Hard work which plays the most important role in gaining success. But it is always a safe-side to move ahead with someone's guidance and then self-perseverance helps at the end. However, what matters the most is the self-preparation level of a student. A Coaching cannot fully be responsible for the success of a student's career. Comparison in between the past and present conditions: Earlier the competition was not that tough and also the syllabus which used to come in the entrances was not that vast and it was possible for a student to prepare on his own. People on their own were capable enough to prepare and get well-groomed for facing the entrance exams. But now day-by-day the competition has been rising so much that a student himself cannot go through the whole process of preparation all by himself starting from collecting the information to going through the previous year question papers and completing the syllabus. Coaching is an effective way to improve student performance and increase completion rates. Types and their Effective Ways: Exam/Entrance Coaching: The most effective impact which coaching institutes give is that conducting exams or tests on a regular basis and letting the student know about his abilities, mistakes where he himself can know his/her strengths and weaknesses and improve them. Can rectify his/her flaws. Maybe this thing is not that effective if a student goes for only self-preparation. The chance of rectifying self-declines day by day. Career Coaching: Career coaching help students prepare for the labour market by assisting them with cover letters and personalized resumes, making them learn how to prepare for a job and by connecting them to work-based learning (WBL) opportunities, such as paid and unpaid internships and apprenticeships with local employers Job/Placement Guidance: This kind of coaching institute help students to learn how to look for jobs using online search tools and social networks as well as how to identify the jobs best suited to their needs. They also helped students engage employers and prepare for interviews. Either-Or Condition: As mentioned,  at the end of the day it is only the Student’s hard work that plays the role of an ace in the preparation.  And it is true that coaching institutes demand high rates which becomes difficult for middle-class families or poor families to afford and this also causes harm to many students who despite being capable lose the opportunity because of lack of guidance but if a student is that much competitive and works hard then he/she can crack the entrance without any coaching. In other Words, coaching coupled with self-study is always better than only self-study or studying only in coaching classes. Deciding on what's better, coaching or self-study depends a lot on the preparation level of a student. Conclusion: Many research studies have mentioned about student’s experience about coaching centres and what they have found is Student satisfaction with career coaching services was strong among survey respondents with many students commenting that the additional assistance helped them persevere in their training programs and complete their coursework and helped them in acquiring success. So, we can conclude that, Yes,  Coaching institutes really play an important role in building up a student’s career.Read More Here: Is online learning a boon or bane- The pros and consRead More Here: Short-term Courses: Benefits, Precautions, Best coursesRead More Here: Five ways for a working woman can self-improvise her living style

Five ways for a working woman can self-improvise h...

Working women usually have the busiest schedule as they need to look after their professional life as well as their personal life since they are the homemakers. They, therefore, deserve to be called as the ultimate multi-taskers. But it really becomes very difficult for them to manage everything in such a stressful situation. So how to manage that? Here’s to some major ways by which you can develop yourself empower yourself for betterment: 1. Mental and Physical fitness: Mental happiness is something which is the most important factor nowadays. The most successful persons I the world are committing suicides even though they have power, money but mental happiness is something which is definitely missing leading to such consequences. Hence, for a working woman, it is the utmost necessity to keep their mind calm and focus more upon mental happiness. Next thing comes is Physical fitness which is obviously an important fact that we need to take care of our health and when it comes to a working woman you must prioritize health first because you have an extra load of handling the household work as well as the work pressure of the office. So anyhow take out time to maintain a healthy life. 2. Illustrate Good Thoughts: There’s a famous saying by Buddha- We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. So, You are the one who is responsible to either make your way best or worst. To tackle things you need to make up your mind first. Bring good thoughts, illustrate about well-being, imagine living a happy life, and giving time to this happy imaginations would satisfy your mind as well as provide you with an idea for your betterment. You yourself would gain ideas on to which you would automatically start working out upon it. 3. Be open and frank: Women usually have thousands of thoughts going on in their mind. They face many hormonal changes which automatically gets them into different situations sometimes they say very happy sometimes very excited and at other times depressed. Being a working woman you should make it sure that you find a partner or friend on whom you can trust to share about your thoughts, feel open to share things rather than piling up them in your mind. That would affect you are personal as well as professional life. So if there is something that bothers you up then you must share about those kinds of stuff with people around you. 4.Time management: A working woman should make it sure that she gives proper time to herself as well. Rather than getting involved only into work, she should make time for regular exercise meditation etcThis is the best technique which a working woman should apply in her life to keep herself fit and fine and her mind calm. Meditation always gives the major amount of relaxation to the mind as well the soul. Also, you should keep a regular habit of eating properly and timely because irregular eating habits will surely lead to irritation and would also affect physical health. 5.Self-Priority: This is the most valuable thing as a working woman you should do. You should never give up on yourself. Make yourself a priority, invest upon your likes and dislikes and focus upon your personal growth. That doesn't mean that you would become self-obsessed or selfish but it means you need to give a little bit of importance to yourself. As women are more sensitive towards their environment around they become emotional and always opt to sacrifice themselves keeping beside their own choices hence As a working woman you should never do that and always be yourself, no matter what. You should always choose that thing which satisfies your mind conditions provided that they don’t hurt anyone. Conclusion: So from the above points, we came to know women can be better on their self while being a working woman. She needs to balance between work life as well as home life. So obviously there is a lot of pressure. A working woman needs to take care about their physical and mental conditions and hence they have to keep in point some points mentioned above to have a well-balanced life better in all ways.Read More Here: Educating girls: Worldwide challenges Faced todayRead More Here: Social media- oriented jobs- the heartthrob of today's youth

Lacking Confidence for choosing Photography as a c...

Starting with what is Photography? Photography is capturing the activities of the whole world which is varieties of stories to say which may be full of people, their activities, adventures, any kind of events, games of colours and light, animals, flora and fauna. It has been greatly influencing the human life as it has been one of the most interesting and exciting forms of art since it appeared a long time ago Photography is considered both as a form of art and science and has constantly been improved by different artists, inventors, scientists, and engineers. Why choosing it as a career? Photography as a career gives you immense opportunity to explore the world through your camera. It has become a powerful weapon in the world. You can influence people with a single picture. Photographers produce and preserve images that paint a picture, tell a story, or record an event. With the rapid growth of communication networks all over the world, an explosion of the advertising sector and media communications as well as fashion boom, digital photography has become the modern version of this art form. So, as a career, it demands a mixture of both artistic and technical sharpness. Advantages of this profession: With the increasing demand for photography in every sector be this as a profession is providing a lot of profits in the career. As you can get varieties of options in the world of photography. If you are passionate towards a particular thing you can make yourself a professional photographer in that very particular sector. You can select a particular sector for your work, you might choose to travel. You get a range of options to experience. The economy of the world is growing at such a faster rate that, its demand is increasing more and more. Be it in media or press any MNc’s in portrait and landscape. Types of career options:  Once you choose photography as a career you are not bound to stay at one particular thing. You’ll get a number of options inside that one particular thing. There are different types of photography emerging. They are: Photographers: Specialize in Photojournalism, Commercial photography, Advertising, Fashion, Food display, Industrial photography Wildlife photography, Aerial photography, Scientific photography Photojournalists: Work for newspapers and news magazines who commission them to provide photographs of newsworthy events, things and situations. They combine an ability to find and record dramatic action with photographic talent..Use agility, good observation and alertness to get the best pictures Commercial photography : Click photographs for firms dealing with merchandise, exteriors and interiors, machinery and fashions to be used in advertising and selling. Use a variety of cameras, lights, props etc Fashion photography: Cater to a variety of clients: fashion houses, designers, portfolios for models, fashion journals and newspapers. Fashion photographers are aware of styles, moods and fashion trends. They work in the studio as well as on locations Food photography: Work for food manufacturers, hotels and restaurants, exporters, dairy and ice-cream companies. Click pictures either in a studio with an attached kitchen or in hotels for exclusive shots Industrial photography: Click photographs of workers on the job, machinery, industrial layout, prominent places in the industry etc. for use in company publications or for ad campaigns. They have knowledge of the industry as well as its equipment Wildlife photographers: Click pictures of nature, wildlife, birds, and their habitats. They have keen observation, patience, an eye for interesting details and love for adventure. Wait for hours to catch the animals in the right mood and pose. Work in sanctuaries, forests and reserves Aerial photography: Take aerial photographs of places, buildings, landscapes, terrains during natural disasters, war, or under similar situations from aircraft in flight for use in news, business, industrial, scientific or military purposes Scientific photography: Prepare photographic illustrations and documentation for scientific publications and research reports. The chief areas scientific photographers cover are engineering, aerodynamics, medicine, biology or chemistry Wedding/Function Photography: In recent, this photo has been the most demanding one. As people who are getting married desire to capture all their beautiful moments and hence they are hiring professional photographers to shoot their wedding. Which includes all kind of shoots like all the functions, pre-wedding photography until the last of the marriage. Not only these people have now started capturing all special events of their life be it a baby-shower program or any Birthdays, Anniversaries or any kind of celebrations. Salary Structure: The range of photography varies among photographers. Some take pictures of a wide range of subjects, while others prefer to specialize in one particular area, such as portraits, sports, or private events. Beyond skills with a camera and an artistic idea, they may also require an understanding of digital photofinishing programs and software. While the salary will depend on their location, concentration and freelance or formal employment status, photographers on average made from lakhs to Rs353,453 per year. Colleges: There is a number of universities and colleges where you can opt for photography in India as well as in Foreign countries. Photography has become a great demand among all the courses. There is also a lot of scope in the international level. As students are being provided with scholarships to pursue photography as a career.  In India, we have some top most universities like : Delhi College of Photography. Delhi College of PhotographyLight and Life Academy Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad AJ Kidwai Mass Communication Research Center Asian Academy of Film and Television Osmania University National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and many more. If you are planning for a career out of India then: The New York Institute of Photography Vevey School of Photography Royal Art of College Ryerson University etc, Conclusion: So from the above points, we got to know in details how you can choose photography as a career. As a photographer you can have a huge emotional impact on people, making them experience particular sort of emotion so that they have a certain desire to buy something, go somewhere, or look in a certain way. If the power of the photograph is so great, that it can make people think over something, or compare or connect themselves with the objects depicted on it, it is regarded as a very valuable thing.Read More Here: Digital marketing – next big career opportunityRead More Here: Social media- oriented jobs- the heart-throb of today's youth

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